Sunday, December 19, 2010

Night 1 of Operation "No More Night Bottle" 
Mission: FAILED

Yes, our daughter is almost two years and four months old and we still give her a night bottle. Don't judge. I know I should have begun this mission long ago. But, I didn't think she was ready and I knew I wasn't. I enjoy giving her a bottle each night and rocking her. It melts my heart to hold her and rock her and see her all sleepy-eyed. Since going back to work, this routine is sometimes our only real time together. I will say though, that we don't rock her until she is asleep. We give her the bottle, rock her for a few minutes and then put her to bed while she is still awake. At least I got that part right. 

I'm not sure why I'm attempting to get rid of the bottle now. Honestly, it doesn't bother me that she still gets one. I guess I just realize that at one point or another she's going to need to learn to go to bed without one. Part of me thinks I need to begin preparing her and another part of me thinks I should just let her have it until she doesn't want it anymore. She should give it up before age five, right? Ha, just kidding. I know that some would say that a night bottle at this age isn't good because of their little teeth and things like that, but her teeth are great. We brush them in the mornings and then again before bed and her smile is perfect.

I'm home for the next two weeks. Yahoo!!! And so my mission is to work on this whole bottle thing during that time. I waited until this break because I didn't want to do this when I knew we needed to be in bed by a certain time or to be up by a certain time. My next chance to work on this would be summer and I already have another mission to accomplish then. POTTY TRAINING. 


Allison Babb said...

We had to do "Mission: Give up booby" When K was 17 months old. I tried and failed when she was a little younger. What worked for us was a long weekend with grandparents who didn't have boobies to offer. Maybe she can have a weekend without with grandparents and forget all about it:) Or just let her have it until she starts kindergarten:)No one knows but you and MK!

We started mission potty training yesterday.

The mom of 4 monkeys! said...

My thought, now that I am a mom, who cares! It's something she loves and something you love so why give that up? It's not hurting her and I honestly don't see the difference between that and a sippy cup before bed. She will give it up when she is ready. Enjoy the time!

Devin said...

Good luck! Giving up that feeding before bed was a toughy for us too! :)