Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010: Our Year in Pictures

January 2010 - March of Dimes Breakfast

February 2010 - First Snow of the Year

March 2010 - Mama Jean's 80th Birthday Party

April 2010 - March of Dimes Walk, Orangeburg

May 2010 - Fun in the backyard

June 2010 - More fun in the backyard

July 2010 - 4th of July on Lake Murray

August 2010 - MK's first day with Roddey and my first day back at work

September 2010 - Football Season

October 2010 - Apple picking at Sky Top Orchard

November 2010 - Thanksgiving at Mama Jean's

December 2010 - Christmas morning at Kaky and Gator's

And, just in case you are feeling extra froggy, here's a link to our 2009 in pictures.

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Kelly Lee said...

Wow, pictures show so much. It was really neat to look back at the ones from 2009 and see how much she has grown. Looking forward to all the new memories in 2011.