Monday, February 28, 2011

FORTY days until the March of Dimes Walk!

FORTY days to raise money that will continue to help babies just like Morgan Kate!

FORTY days to spread the word and raise awareness about this wonderful organization!

Remember, the money donated to the March of Dimes doesn't just help premature babies. The money raised funds research that helps ALL babies and ALL pregnant women. 

If you haven't signed up to walk, please be sure to do so. It doesn't cost a thing, just click on the purple button in right sidebar and sign up!


Deni said...

I suck at leaving comments these days. I do read your blog still and think of you all often! I am just thrilled to see Morgan Kate growing! Parker is too (he will be 3 in is this possible?!)

We are walking in our walk on May 1st this year. I am excited for it as always and I hope to get more active in MOD now that Parker is older and such.

Hugs! :)

Anonymous said...

Video made me cry and know we have kindred hearts! MK has come a long way since her birth. She is beautiful and full of life...much like the family she has been born into :) Give her hugs and kisses for us! Love, The Burlesons

Brent and Kristen said...

Oh wow, Ok, I'm just seeing this. It sure was hard to watch as I think back to what you guys were going through. Of course, me being pregnant and watching only added even more tears. So happy for you guys and your blessing. Looking at her today, you'd never know the fighter she is and the will she had to survive. You would know; however, she's one tough chick. : ) I thank God for her.

Nancy Bozard said...

Wow!! What a beautiful video!!! Morgan Kate is going to have so many treasures to watch when she gets older. You and your family, though, has the biggest treasure... a beautiful, healthy baby daughter. The video brought tears to my eyes..had to watch it again and share it with the teacher across the hall. What a journey! Hugs!