Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Morgan Kate had a rough night. A lots of coughing, stuffy nose, can't breath kind of night. Awake at midnight and in bed with us before one. A very restless night to say the least. Not only was she tossing and turning, but so was Travis. We're pretty sure that he has whatever MK has. But, at the 11:45 this morning we were finally able to get in and see Dr. G.

This picture was taken around 10 or so this morning when we were just waiting for the time to pass and our appointment time to arrive. She was just pitiful. But still wearing her princess dress up clothes. Such a girl!

About ten minutes before the above picture was taken MK was in tears. She was just crying and had these huge tears falling from her cheeks. She may whine a little bit sometimes and she can be rather grumpy, but she rarely cries. Especially like that. I felt so bad for her. She just did not feel good, at all. 

When we first arrived at Dr. G's they did a flu test. You know, the swab up both nostrils. MK was not impressed with this at all, but the minute the nurse handed her this sucker, she was all smiles.

Flu test came back negative. Ears looks good. Lungs sound great. Dr. G said it's just a really nasty, awful cold. It will need to run it's course of seven to ten days and MK will feel pretty rotten. It's a cold, but she's still really contagious and it's not something we want to spread to anyone, but especially MK's friends at Roddey's, so she's out for the rest of the week. She's now on an inhaler and a cough medicine. Hopefully these two meds will do the trick and she will be back to her old self in no time.

While I'm never happy to hear that my baby is sick, I was happy to hear that her lungs sounded great. Even two and a half years later her lungs are the first thing I worry about when she starts feeling bad. I immediately have flashbacks to oxygen tanks and CPAP. I start to worry that she might have to hospitalized or even worse. My mind just goes in a thousand awful directions. But, in the past six months she has had a viral infection, croup and now this really bad cold and she's handled all of them very well. Makes a mommy happy for sure. 


CAW said...

we have the same thing and it is yuk!! dr. gave us d-allergy which has worked wonders-
i dont think we gave it to you though-- hope you are all well soon

Hollie Heming said...

Rough week for us too...sinus infection for me, bad cold, fever, and vomiting for Will. He went to the doctor today, so I'll be home tomorrow. Oh well, they're just personal days! :)

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Poor MK! I hope she feels better soon!