Thursday, March 31, 2011

Currently I am serving on the South Carolina Family Teams Committee for the March of Dimes. We meet via phone conference once a month to brainstorm ways to encourage other teams to get involved, discuss how to increase fundraising efforts and registered walkers, to share our stories, to learn about others and to work together to make SC Family Teams the best family teams. The March of Dimes staff also shares with us the successes that teams across the state and nation are making. I got this as part of an update today and felt compelled to share:

For the FIRST time since the March of Dimes launched its National Prematurity Campaign in 2003…the national premature birth rate has dropped for a third consecutive year to 12.2% in 2009. (Locally in SC, our rate declined from 15.5% to 14.3%-a difference of almost 700 babies born on time!) This is a trend in the right direction: down. And while modest trend, it is encouraging! We know that this is more than a statistic; it means that thousands of families were spared the grief and challenges of watching their babies struggle in NICUs. It also is validation that the work of the March of Dimes has undertaken-from raising maternal awareness to improving the quality of prenatal care to launching bold interventions-is making a difference!  As you continue your March for Babies asks-please share with everyone that you talk to that these donations are making a difference. More babies are being born healthy and on time!

This is also validation that your donations and prayers and support are working

At this very moment I don't have an exact total for donations. I do know that so far Team Morgan Kate has raised $710 for the March of Dimes. I also know that I have several donations in hand that needed to be added, a large t-shirt donation to add and several others that are on their way to me. I think it might be safe to say or at least to estimate that we may just hit $1000. We may even go over. How awesome is that! I would love to see us hit our goal of $1500, but I will be ecstatic with any total! 

T-shirts should be ready for pick-up on Friday. As soon as I have them in hand I will begin deliveries. I have tried to contact most everyone with information regarding their totals. If you have not heard from me, please feel free to email me or leave me a message in the comment section of this post. 

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Deni said...

You go Team Morgan Kate! :) We've raised 310 I believe so far...maybe more...I need to add in a couple of check donations I have gotten! :) P.S. I donated a little to your team, know it wasn't much, but I wanted to be able to spread it out amongst a few friends! :)