Friday, March 4, 2011

So many things to blog about. So little time to actually sit down and blog.

Another BIG, ENORMOUS, GIGANTIC thank you to all of those who have donated and all of those who have signed up to walk. As of Tuesday (my last post) we were up to $125, but we are now up to $295. Woo hoo! For some unknown reason the purple button on the side doesn't reflect that, but it is in fact true. And we have two new walkers for a total of five registered walkers. Each time I get an email letting me know about a donation or a new walker my heart just smiles and my eyes fill with tears. It truly touches my heart. And it truly makes a difference. Please know that.

I am trying my hardest to finalize the t-shirt design and color. I just can't seem to get it all together lately. Whewh! I can't decide if I want to purple writing on white or purple writing on grey. Any thoughts? By the time I finally do finalize things, there will be a very short turn around time. If you think you might be interested in a shirt you can leave me a comment on the blog or email me at The shirts from last year are still perfect for this year. I'm the only one who has a problem with last year's shirt. Mine, well, mine doesn't fit anymore. :( Nor does Morgan Kate's. So, we will be ordering new shirts and if you are interested in one please let me know.

This past week Travis and I, along with Roddey (bless her heart), have gotten to see a whole new side of little Miss MK. The side of MK that says "No" to basically anything you say or ask of her. The side of MK that pushes her friends and throws toys. The side of MK that throws some pretty nasty little tantrums and then just stands up and smiles. The side of MK that has spent many, many minutes in timeout this week. Whewh! I am praying this is a phase and a fast one because if it's not, then we are in for one wild ride. Pray for us.

It's Friday night, after 9pm, and I'm finally finding a minute or two to blog. However, instead of blogging I probably should be in our bedroom helping my amazing hubby put down hardwood floors. We decided to tackle this task early in the week and we are attempting to do it ourselves. Or should I say, he is attempting to do it because let's face it, I'm really just watching and probably opening my mouth when I shouldn't. But, I did move a majority of the things out AND I removed everything from our closet. 

We've only been in our house for six years. We are in desperate need of a new one, as ours is the size of a child's shoebox, but that's neither here nor there. We have carpet in all of the bedrooms and the hallway. In just six years our carpet is DONE. Finished. Over with. I blame it on several things. One, I probably didn't vacuum enough. Two, we have two indoor dogs. And three, for like the first six months of MK's life we lived in there. Literally. We slept in there, ate in there, paid bills in there, hung out in there. We did everything in there. So needless to say, our carpet was awful. And as I have watched Travis tear it up, piece by piece, I have come to the realization that carpet is kinda nasty and I never want it in any house ever again. I think if you are going to have carpet then you should vacuum it like twice a day, you should never have indoor pets and you should probably keep your children away from it until they are at least eighteen or so. Maybe older. Who am I fooling? I'm thirty and I think I should be kept away from it. 

Well, I guess I should get back to work. Or at least get back to "supervising"!


Kathy Hardison said...

My vote goes with grey shirts with purple lettering and I will need a new shirt myself, please mam. LY&MY

Anonymous said...

I would love a shirt. I will get it from you at Folly Beach. If I make it home in time for beach week. :) just let me know the details, so I can send you the money. I will be with you during the walk in spirit. I will go for a walk on that day here for the March of Dimes and Team Morgan Kate! :)

Devin said...

I agree about the carpet. We pulled ours up and seriously...our kids haven't been as sick. We have two indoor cats and between them, juice cups, and just was done for! You will love the hardwoods! :)

Jenny Garris said...

I can relate to the "new" side of MK. My mom says the "terrible twos" is not true, and it really starts at 3. We are almost there, and MK is not far behind. Joel has become difficult - sitting in time out for throwing toys and calling his friend a bad name. He is VERY verbal, and just like his mother, it is getting him in trouble. *sigh*
This too shall pass, and someday we will look back fondly.... (keep telling ourselves that!) lol

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I am with you on the carpet. Our house is all hardwood! You'll have to post a picture when it's done!