Monday, March 28, 2011

Traveling is a part of Travis' job, but it's the one part I'm not very fond of. At all. (Okay, I did happen to like it back in 2007 when he went to Ireland and I got to go along with him.) I just don't like for him to be away and I don't like for us to be alone. Before we had Morgan Kate I would make a really big deal about it. Lots of tears and lots of begging him to stay. I really dislike staying home alone. But, since having Morgan Kate I've learned to deal. Somewhat. I still get all teary-eyed when he leaves and I still miss him like crazy and I still really, really, really don't like being home without him, but I deal. Did I mention that he only travels like once or twice a year? Yeah, I know. I am a total drama queen. Morgan Kate gets it honest. Anyway, whenever he mentions "travel" our conversations go a little like this:

T: I'm going to have to go out of town in three weeks.
H: Ok.
T: I'm going to be traveling to _______.
H: Ok.
T: I'll be gone for five days.
H: Ok.
T: Is that cool? Are you going to be okay?
H: I guess, but I really don't want to talk about it right now.
T: Ok.

Not only do I dislike the thought of him traveling, but I also dislike even talking about it. Our conversations regarding his work trips are short, brief and to the point. I know when, where and how long he's going to be, but I don't ask anything else and I don't talk about it. At all. I know, I'm weird. So when he mentioned his upcoming trip to Florida, our conversation went like this:

T: I have to travel to Florida in April.
H: Ok.
T: I'll be gone three or four days.
H: Ok.
T: Three or four days isn't that long.
H: (No reply.)

After that conversation neither of us uttered another word about his trip in April. 

UNTIL, this past weekend. We were with some family and my aunt asked about my spring break. I mentioned the dates and then Travis spoke up and said, "Really? That's the same week as my Florida trip." And I replied in typical fashion, "Ok." Another family member asked where he would be in Florida and he told them that he would be in Orlando. And then all of a sudden, just like that, the light bulbs came on. Florida? Orlando? Spring break? And then at the same time we both said, "Disney?!?" Could it really be true? He's traveling for work, his conference/hotel is two miles from Disney and it's my spring break. No way. (So glad we decided to finally have a conversation about his "travel".)

Yes way. 

So, in a matter of just a few hours we decided to tack on a few extra days to have a little family vacation and a trip to DISNEY. Ahhhhhh! 

We've been toying with the idea of Disney for quite some time, but had decided that we would wait until MK was a little bit older. Maybe the summer before she started kindergarten. But with all of the stars aligning the way they were/are, we couldn't resist. I'm not sure who's more excited - me or Travis, because at this point Morgan Kate doesn't have a clue. A big THANK YOU to our family who in a weird, around about, kinda way encouraged us to talk about Travis' "traveling" and really helped this trip become a reality. 

Maybe I like Travis' traveling more than I thought I did. 

Oh, and major update to last Thursday's post. Friday afternoon when I submitted the final t-shirt order, I placed 93 orders. Ahhhh! I'll be contacting everyone in the next few days with totals and a delivery date, but with 93 orders the shirts are now $8.85. Woo hoo!!! Thank you again to everyone!


Newman Family said...

Have a great time in Disney! We are going in October. You will have to let me know how it is.

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I hope you have a great time!

CAW said...


The Fricks said...

AHHHH FUN! We're doing the EXACT same thing with Dave's job this summer. Enjoy and take good notes and pass them along.

Justin and Jessica Jones said...

YAHOOOOOOO!!!! So excited for you guys! Disney was absolutely magical for our family when we went last Spring Break. You guys are going to love every minute. I can't wait to see pictures of MK reaction to some of the characters. It's going to be great!
PS- I am going to have a dinner at my new crib looking for an invite!!!!

Jenny Garris said...

That's AWESOME!! And I am incredibly jealous!! Most of the hotels just outside the gates have free shuttles, making it SO easy! MK will LOVE it!! And so will YOU! :)