Thursday, April 14, 2011

This weekend I am headed to Edisto. A beautiful, serene beach. A weekend of relaxation and fun. Good food and friends. Cold drinks. The possibility of seafood. And the celebration of a bachelorette enjoying one of her only two weekends left as a single woman. 

There's only one problem. 

I'm leaving my hubby and baby girl behind. I've left my hubby before (and I survived), but I've only left my baby overnight maybe three times and all were just one nighters. And I might not have been with her, but on each occasion I was with my other third to our trio.  I've never, ever, ever been away from her for more than one night and never, ever without my hubster holding my hand and reassuring me periodically that she and I would both be okay. This is a big deal people. Seriously. For real.

And if you remember, I'm not a huge fan of Travis traveling and I like even less traveling myself, minus spouse and baby. I know it sounds a bit ridiculous. You'd think I'd enjoy a weekend away. Some time to myself. But I'm ridiculous like that. In my free time, in my relaxation, I like to be with my hubby and my baby. Our weeks are so busy and so crazy, so my weekends are coveted family time. Time I thoroughly enjoy and look forward to. I'm sure many of you are laughing or rolling your eyes or mocking me, but I don't care. I am, who I am. And besides, sometimes I laugh and roll my eyes at myself. Ha.

Now with all that said, don't be mistaken. I will enjoy the drive down there and back. It will be time to think, reflect and jam out to some tunes, hopefully with the windows down. I love just riding. I will also enjoy the smell of the salt air, the relaxation that this weekend will bring and hopefully some sunshine. I will enjoy sitting on the dock and feeling the breeze and sleeping in a little. And my saving grace will be that I am with people I like, especially one person in particular - my soon to be sister.

I realize that technically or legally or whatever, she will be my sister-in-law. But in my eyes and in my heart she's much more than that. No lie. And I'm not just saying that because its sounds nice. I really, truly mean it. God knew exactly what he was doing when he gave me brothers. He knew I was going to the be the first born. And, an at times attention seeking gal who wasn't always big on sharing. (That has changed drastically. I now LOVE to share. Most of the time.) He knew I was going to need two younger brothers who would watch me when I wanted attention, who would listen when I felt the need to be bossy. And two brothers that would never, ever ask to borrow my clothes or my shoes. He did however, give me two girl cousins who I consider my sisters and then he blessed not only Owens' life, but mine, with Trenholm.

Trenholm is a true jewel. Truly. She is beautiful, compassionate and caring. She's full of life and always up for something fun, sometimes even a little trouble. Hee, hee. She's an excellent cook. She loves to sleep, just as much as I do. She's fashion savvy and has THE best shoes. She's a lover and a giver. She would literally give you the shirt off of her back if you needed it. She's always so kind and so thoughtful. I love her for so many reasons, not just because she does share and she does let me borrow her shoes and clothes. One of the things I love most about Trenholm is her heart. I know she loves us and I know, without a shadow of a doubt, she loves my brother. Wholeheartedly, without any hestitations or reservations. And I don't know this because she's told me (although she has) or because she's written it down somewhere (although I'm pretty sure she's done that too). I know it because I can see it, with my own eyes. Her expression gives it away. Her actions prove it. She loves him, just the way I've always wanted someone to love him.  

It's no secret that I'm slightly protective over my brothers. I love the two of them unconditionally and they aren't just brothers, they are some of my best friends. And that above and beyond anything else in life, I've always wanted both of them to find people who truly love them. Through thick and thin. People who love them for all the awesome things they have to offer and people who love them despite their flaws. (Because they surely do have some. Just a few.) With Trenholm, I just know this. I see it, I witness it and I feel it. And it makes my heart happy and full. It makes me feel content and at peace. I know that Owens will always be loved and taken care of. And I know that he too, will love and care for Trenholm in the same exact way. He already does. And at the end of the day, that makes a sister real happy. 

So, while I'm leaving part of my family for a weekend at the beach, I will be with another part. My sister. And I can't wait! 


Anonymous said...

Great post! I know y'all will have a big time this weekend, and think about how happy Travis and mk will be to see u Sunday! And I love that u have blogged for so many days straight!!!! Go girl!!


Melissa and Sam said...

Have a great time this weekend! We love Edisto! Love how well you spoke of your "sister" and your wonderful brothers!

Hollie Heming said...

Why do you insist on making me cry??!! You will have a great time this weekend. Enjoy the fun and sun! :)

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!