Monday, May 2, 2011

Exactly two weeks ago today we left for a week in sunny Florida. Travis needed to be there for a few days on business, I was on spring break and we decided it was the perfect time to tack on a few extra days and take our baby girl to Disney. It was an amazing trip and we had the absolute best time.

Monday morning, way earlier than I like to get up, we gathered our belongings and headed to the airport. It was Morgan Kate's first time in an airplane and while I was a little anxious about how she would do, she proved to me once again that she can do anything. I'm not sure she ever even knew we were flying. She didn't cry or complain or act scared. She was way too interested in the tray thingy in front of her to worry with any of that stuff. My heart was hurting for the poor lady in front of us who probably had whiplash by the time our plane landed because MK kept taking the tray down and then slamming it back up. Whewh.

While Travis worked the first few days, MK and I enjoyed the pools at the hotel where we were staying. We also enjoyed sleeping in, taking naps and just relaxing. It was so peaceful and so nice. 

Wednesday, late afternoon, my parents arrived. MK and I begged them to come earlier in the week and enjoy the sun and the pools, but it was Wednesday before they could come. (Not everyone was on spring break.) Travis and I wanted them to be there for MK's first trip to Disney. When I was younger, and on my second trip to Disney, my grandparents went along with us. I vividly, to this day, remember them being there. I remember how excited they were, how excited I was and it's a memory that has stayed with me for a very long time. And it's a memory I wanted MK to have.

Thursday morning we set out for Disney. And we literally made a day out of it. A long day. We arrived around nine that morning and didn't leave until well after midnight.

One of the first things we experienced when we arrived was an onstage performance by Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck and all of the princesses. We were all captivated, especially Morgan Kate. She was captivated by the performers on stage and we were captivated by her expressions and reactions. Below she is signing "more" and cheering for the performers to come back. Can you say, melt my heart?

She loved all of the rides in the Magic Kingdom, well except for the Pirates of the Caribbean. Not sure why I thought that would be a good idea. She now has a definite fear of pirates. My parents were awesome sports and rode all of the rides with us, some even twice. By the way, my parents are always awesome sports and have the energy of teenagers. 

And I don't think any trip to Disney is complete without a chocolate covered set of ice cream Mickey ears. As we were all enjoying a set, my parents were sharing with us the story of how we snacked on them years ago when they brought me. It was moments like that that brought tears to my eyes.

We learned at Disney that MK doesn't like pirates, nor does she like Donald Duck. We watched this awesome 3D movie and Donald Duck was one of the main characters. From that moment on she has disliked Donald Duck. Greatly. Not sure if it's the sound of his voice or the fact that in 3D it seemed as if he was flying towards us the entire time. The rest of the week, and even still, MK says, "No Donah Duck" and "No piras". Too funny.

We also learned that every two year old needs a nap and that when one is so desperately needed, that said two year old will fall asleep anywhere, including the line for It's A Small World. And then sleep through the entire ride. No worries. We took her back on that ride later in the evening, much later, and she thoroughly enjoyed it.

She loved every part of Disney. The rides, the food, the people, the characters, the parades. Everything. (Well, except for Donald Duck and the pirates.) It just made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to see her with my parents and with Travis. It was also his first time at Disney and I felt so honored to be with he and Morgan Kate on their first trips.

I loved every minute of our day at Disney and I especially loved the night parade and the fireworks. Talk about making the hair on your arms stand up. There were so many moments that day that will forever be etched in my mind. Memories that will last a lifetime and memories I pray I never, ever forget. One of my favorite memories would be sitting with my hubby, my baby girl and my parents in the middle of the Magic Kingdom, watching the fireworks, which were breathtaking, while munching on nachos and corn dog bites. The perfect ending to a perfect day.

And sixteen hours later, when we finally did decide to leave the park, MK was racked out, hopefully dreaming of all things magical.

A big thanks to Travis, Morgan Kate and my parents for making me day absolutely, without a doubt, completely magical. And giving me memories that will last a lifetime. 


Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

I'm so glad you had a great trip! The pictures are so cute!

Justin and Jessica Jones said...

Diney is's crazy, so worth it! Glad you guys had a good time. We can't wait to go back!