Monday, June 6, 2011

Day one of potty training boot camp is over. Thankfully. I'm happy to report that while we did have three accidents, we also had two successes. And one of those happened to be poo in the potty. It was definitely a big day. And I'm super proud of my girl. I'd like to say that is was a great day and that I feel like we are on our way to diaper freedom. That is was easy and simple and stress free. But, if I said all of that then I would be lying. All big fat lies. Here are just a few "ah-hah" moments I had today about potty training:

-It's hard.
-I already miss diapers and wipes.
-I thought I had thought of everything, but apparently I did not.
-Sometimes I forget to remind MK to use the potty.
-Changing a messy diaper is much easier than cleaning poo off of the toilet seat and a toddler's legs.
-A wet diaper lasts for a while, while wet undies must be changed immediately.
-If it's this hard at home, what in this world are we going to do out in public.

Never fear. I'm not ready to give up. I know it's going to get easier. It's got to. I just have to be thorough and consistent and remember that MK will do it in her own time. And I have to really, really celebrate the successes and not focus so much on all the "tee tee" I'm having to clean up.

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Anonymous said...

Sooo proud of that sweet girl!! Keep us posted:). Missing y'all already!!