Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Morgan Kate wrapped up her year with Roddey and friends by having a water day last Thursday. How awesome of Roddey to do this for Morgan Kate and all of the other precious children she cares for and loves each day. I know I say this time and time again, but we are truly blessed. Truly.

Morgan Kate and her bestie, Annie Parker
The crew minus McNary

Part of the crew and sweet Roddey

I love Roddey and I love these children!

Potty training boot camp day three has been exactly that, a day. And how ironic that I term it boot camp, when in fact it's far from that. Today was more like "you tell me what you want to do". I basically let MK be the driver. She wore big girl pants most of the morning and we had one success and one BIG accident. Ewh. We've hadn't gone anywhere for the past two days to help with this whole process, but today I needed to go for a drive and I was craving some chicken nuggets. Which by the way, did you know you can get a twenty piece McNugget for like $4.99? Awesome. And no, I didn't get the twenty piece - I went with the ten piece instead and shared with MK. Anywho, on our trip out and once we returned I let her run around in a diaper. Late this afternoon she was still in a diaper and she would tell me when she was going, but she never asked to use the potty and I never forced it. Yesterday it seemed as if she was holding it some and I don't want to go down that path at all. Tomorrow we'll attempt big girl pants all day. Today I just couldn't go it. I'm such a softie. 

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Meesh Hays said...

Kori Hays was a sucker for the sticker chart and figured it all out in one week when she was MK's age. Austin was fully four and a half before I felt like I could confidently say he was trained. It's just like everything else - let her lead, but don't be afraid to insist when you need it to happen. :) you're great!