Tuesday, July 5, 2011

This post is brutal honesty. I am showing it all. If you are in the business of judging, please stop back by on another day. 

Last week I spent several days, more than I wanted to, cleaning out and reorganizing our closet. It was a job. However, it feels so good to have it done. Complete. Finished. And as promised, pictures are included. I didn't feel like anyone could appreciate my after shots unless they had seen the before. So, without further adieu, here are the before shots. Remember, do not judge. My closet really was this bad, but with the "re-do" just days away, I did allow it to get a little more out of control than usual.
From the bedroom looking in
I know, it WAS awful. DO NOT JUDGE.
From a bird's eye view...kind of
Needless to say, I had my work cut out for me. To start this tedious process, I took almost everything out. I also bagged up things I hadn't worn in months or things that I would never be able to wear again because I now have mommy hips and a mommy body. I then thought about what I wanted and where I wanted things. I thought about what would work best and what would look nice. Functionality taking priority. It's important to point out that we only have one dresser and Travis uses it. Therefore, anything of mine that would require a drawer needed closet space. After one large garbage bag to Goodwill, two smaller bags to hopefully sell, lots of moving and rearranging, purchasing several baskets and the installation of two new shelves this is what we have. And I must say, I am impressed and pleased.

I think I did pretty good. I can now see the floor and my clothes and anything else I might need. Everything has a home, which makes me so happy. I love for everything to have a place. We basically made the left side of our closet just shelves. It's great because it opens up the closet a lot more and those nice little shelves house all of my things that had no real home before. The front of the closet and the right side are for hanging and shoes are at the bottom. I wanted to get rid of the cube thing (in the bottom right hand corner), but it now holds Travis' shoes and some of his "winter wear". The cube used to be my pretend dresser. It was terrible. I purchased this shoe holder thing from Target that was supposed to fit over the door and it was supposed to hold eighteen pairs of shoes. I put it together, hung it on the door and slowly and very carefully began to hang some of my shoes. I figured I should stick with sandals and lighter shoes, as I didn't want to weigh the door down. I had the rack filled about half way and decided to sit down and work on something else. Just as I sat down the entire rack fell on my head and broke in half. I was so mad. You don't even know. It broke, my head was hurting and the darn thing scratched my new hardwoods. Argh. Therefore, I'm still pondering what to do about my shoes.

I thought I would also share some "funnies" or at least I thought they were funny. Maybe funny in a sad way. The picture below on the left is a picture of my "workout pants". Funny thing is, I don't workout. I need to, but I don't. However, in case I do, I have plenty of attire. On the right side is a picture of my jeans. Yes, just mine. I just counted - fifteen pairs of true denim, two of black and four of white. Yes, I have a problem and my bigger problem might be that I complain all of the time about needing to find a pair of jeans I really like. 
This last picture is of my socks. Furry socks to be exact. These aren't even socks I can wear with shoes. They are just fun, lounge around the house, kind of socks. And I love them, but why in this world do I have an entire basket full of these socks. Who in their right mind needs this many?
Anyway, thank you for sharing in my "closet re-do". I realize this is probably ridiculous to most people, but I was so proud of myself, Travis was proud of me and MK was so proud too. She just kept smiling and saying, "Mommy do?" I think she was shocked. Ha! I have a few more around the house things to tackle this summer and if any of them offer up good before and after pictures I'll be sure to share. Otherwise, I won't bore you. 


Melissa and Sam said...

Your closet re-do looks perfection! Love it. Something must be wrong with me that I can't seem to work that fast or should I rather say at all. I'm in desperate need of a bonus room total clean out! Wanna help!
Updated myself with your blog posts. Sorry to say I was a little behind. Loved your anniversary pics. We are in need of a new place to spend ours.
Love you,

Megan Thiel said...

Your closet looks fabulous! And I am jealous of your annual anniversary trips! Good for you guys!

Justin and Jessica Jones said...


Jenny Garris said...

Ok, your closet post made me giggle. I'm impressed and jealous! Can I hire you to do mine now? It sounds too painful to attempt myself! hee hee