Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dear Morgan Kate,
We survived our first day back! I guess I should say I survived. I knew you would do fine. And you did. You love Roddey and all of your friends so much and you thoroughly enjoy your time with them. You've been asking about all of them for weeks now. You weren't overly fond of getting up so early, nor was I, but you did great and you looked so darn cute in your new blue crab dress. I did well for the most part. I didn't cry at all last night or even this morning as I was getting us ready. Your daddy commented several times about how well I was doing. I did shed a few tears as I drove off from Roddey's.  I wasn't sad about leaving you there and I wasn't sad about returning to work. I was just sad that I couldn't be with you all day long. You and your daddy are my absolute everythings.
You had a really good day at Roddey's. You've been talking non-stop about it all afternoon. It makes me so happy to hear you and see you so happy. I had a really good day as well. We had meetings this morning, but then also had time this afternoon to work in our rooms. I got to catch up with people I hadn't seen since early June and I also got to spend time with some of our new teachers. I'm really excited about this year and all it holds. Going back this year has been so much easier than last year. Thank goodness. You and your daddy sent me a special surprise this afternoon at work. I got a dozen strawberries dipped in chocolate and it made me smile - BIG. 
While our summer may be over and our days of sleeping in and lounging around are on hold until at least Christmas break, I am so thankful for Roddey and your friends and I'm also thankful for a job I love. All of those things make this working mommy happy. I can't wait to see how you grow and change this year. You continue to amaze me every single day!
I love you baby girl,


Melissa said...

Glad you survived!

Chad and Corrisa said...

Girl, you brought tears to my eyes! You are such an amazing mother and teacher! Good luck this year!
p.s. That dress sure is cute and so is the little girl wearing it!

Janet M said...

Hi MK's Mom, I love reading your blog, you really nail when it comes to describing life with a sweet little girl. I have a little girl that is about MK's age. I had to write though, once I saw you had visited New Bern! I am from New Bern and have been living in Chapin for about 7 years. I miss home and it's cool to see that someone knows where it is! Most people say to that near Charlotte? Best wishes as you return to school and MK to her spot.

Meesh Hays said...

Thank you for sharing your mommy with us, Morgan Kate!