Saturday, November 12, 2011

I am thankful for my Daddy.
The man who is the apple of my eye.

The man who knows how to have a good time.

The man who knows how to cook boiled peanuts just like I like them.

The man who has serious dance moves.

The man who taught me how to swim and scuba dive.

The man who taught me to always take a jacket wherever you go.

The man who gave me the nickname "Skeeta".

The man who took the lifeguard certification course with me, so that I didn't have to take it alone.

The man who has always shown how much he loves my momma.

The man who has always kept candy on the top of his dresser for me. And now for Morgan Kate.

The man who has never raised his voice to me. 

The man many refer to as "Gator".

The man who cooks a mean pot of spaghetti.

The man, who today, is getting a year older.

Happy birthday, Daddy! I love you muches!


Kathy Hardison said...

He sure is special, isn't he! And for the record you are the apple of his eye :) See you later today. LY&MY

Anonymous said...

So sweet! Happy Birthday Gator :) Love y'all!


Melissa and Sam said...

Yes, and I love all the many "daddy" qualities he has! He is an excellent example to many!

Melissa and Sam said...

P.S. I'm still remembering those loft beds he made us for college!