Thursday, November 10, 2011

Last night I was exhausted, therefore, I was thankful for a night that I could crawl into the bed only minutes after putting MK down.

Tonight I am thankful for my job. It's a hard job. A job that requires long hours and an enormous amount of patience, that I don't always have. But, it's a rewarding job and a job I enjoy, most days. I am also extremely thankful for the people I work with, especially my awesome fifth grade team.
Our team, minus one more chick and our rooster
We help one another. Encourage one another. Support one another. Listen to one another vent. We share ideas and plans and even children, at times. 
We share stories about work and home. We share responsibilities and duties. We make each other laugh and we enjoy one another. 

In my teaching career I have been so fortunate and so blessed to work with such strong teams. Working with people you enjoy makes the biggest difference in the world. It makes hard days easier and good days even better. 

Love you much, Meesh, Amy, Debbie, Craig and Anna and all of my other OPES peeps!


Anonymous said...

That's what friends are for :) I believe we both LOVE our friends!!! God bless your day...Mrs. Phala

Anonymous said...

I sure hope we will be on the same team at work again one day. We didn't know how good we had it. So glad to see you happy at school. Glad that even though we don't work together, our friendship continues. I am THANKFUL for that :)

I love you!