Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tonight my heart is thankful for three very special people. It's because of these three special people that my baby girl learns so much, is cared for so carefully and loved so immensely. 

There are no words to describe Roddey. Amazing, awesome, terrific - they just don't cut it. She has been an absolute blessing to our family. She has been the perfect fit for Morgan Kate. She has taught her so much more than we could have ever imagined. Not only is Morgan Kate learning "academic things" while with Roddey, but "life things" as well. She knows to cover her mouth when she coughs, to say "Bless you" when someone sneezes. She knows how to share and how to speak kindly. There has not been one day since we started with Roddey that I have worried. And if you know me at all, you know that's huge. We are beyond thankful for Roddey and for her entire family and all that she does for our baby girl each and every day.
I am also so, so thankful for Mrs. Watson and Mrs. Pollok. They, too, are such blessings to our life and to Morgan Kate's. They have just been so caring and so kind and so wonderful with our baby girl and we couldn't ask for anything more. We had our very first parent-teacher conference this afternoon and it went fabulous. This mommy was grinning ear to ear when we walked out. It was so nice to hear that my sweet girl shares, speaks kindly, cleans up, plays well with other, sings and dances her heart out and is always happy. It also makes this momma's heart just burst to hear things like "her verbal skills are amazing",  "she's so smart" and  "you can really reason with her". Not only was my heart bursting wide open, but tears were streaming down my face (of course). I could go on and on about all the things she has learned in just the few shorts months she has been at Union.
Our hearts will be forever thankful for these special people and all they do for Morgan Kate and for us every single day. We feel like the luckiest people ever!


Kathy Hardison said...

Kaka and Gator love these people too. Thank you God for the blessing of these three amazing teachers.

Melissa and Sam said...


Anonymous said...

God works in mysterious ways. Who would've thought that after we became so close that Roddey would keep's perfect for all of us. We love y'all to pieces!


Roddey said...

Thanks so much Heather!! I feel just as blessed to have y'all in my life!