Monday, March 26, 2012

Morgan Kate was cursed with her Daddy's allergies. Poor girl. And poor Daddy. Since late January her nose has been running and her eyes haven't stopped watering. We've tried all different kinds of allergy meds and there really isn't one that brings total relief. This past weekend her allergies were especially bad and we thought she may have had pink eye. We aren't really 100% sure what she had. She woke up Sunday morning with a gunky eye and complained that it felt like something was in it. It never was super pink and she really didn't mess with it much. Last night it had some really gunky stuff in it so I stayed at home with her today just in case. Despite the sneezing and coughing and watery eyes and possible pink eye, it was such a good day. A day that makes me terribly miss my days of being at home.

Today I was able to sleep in a little and I didn't have to wake my baby girl up at the crack of dawn.

Today I sipped on coffee while watching the Today Show. MK was watching Diego and sipping on milk.

Today I stayed in my "jamas" until well after noon. MK did too.

Today I read three books to MK before lunch.

Today MK and I had a dozen or so Easter egg hunts in our den. MK found some really great hiding spots.

Today I finished all of the laundry, ironed all of Trav's work clothes for the week and picked out MK's attire for the next few days.

Today I made phone calls that I can never make while at work. 

Today while MK was napping I got to watch two episodes of Law and Order SVU. 

Today when my girl woke up from her nap I was able to snuggle with her on the couch until she was fully awake.

Today I got to bake cupcakes. And make an Easter egg wreath for my front door.

Today I had no where to be and no schedule to follow.

Today the only little person calling my name was my baby girl.

Today made me so excited for next week. Thank goodness for spring break. I am longing for you.

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