Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A few updates.

It's been a while since I've done an "update" post and since my brain is mush, I think it's a great idea. We have had state testing at school this week and I am exhausted. It's crazy because I'm not teaching or doing anything strenuous, I'm walking around the classroom "monitoring" students for hours. However, by the end of the school day I am beat! 

1. Morgan Kate is still spending time with her imaginary friend "Dabba". In the past few months she has also hung out with "Connie" and "Mimi", but her most recent new friend is Jason. She tells us that Jason is her brother. Ha! She seriously walks around the house talking to these "friends". It is the funniest thing ever.

2. At dinner or whenever Travis and I are talking, MK will stop us and say, "Now it's time for my story."

3. She is all about her daddy right now. She wants him to hold her, play with her, read to her and put her to bed. If she catches us hugging in the kitchen or smooching in the bedroom, she will wiggle herself in between us and basically crawl up Travis' legs. Once he picks her up, she will look at me and say, "Now you can hug my Daddy." Not sure if I like this or not. 

4. I am still waiting on a few t-shirt payments, but once I receive them I will be able to send off the rest of the donations for the March of Dimes. It looks like we have almost another $200 to send off. Woo too!

5. Today MK had pictures for dance. All of the little ones had to be in costume, hair done and make-up applied. I had THE best time getting her ready. I am so not a girly-girl, but I love dolling up my baby girl. She loved wearing a little blush on her cheeks and pink "lipnick" on her lips. I even swiped a tiny bit of mascara on her lashes. She was ADORABLE! I can't wait to see the pictures when they come back. I am so, so, so excited about her recital.

6. MK LOVES bugs. Seriously. She will pick up caterpillars, frogs, lizards, beetles, etc. She loves them. A few days ago our neighbor found a snake in her backyard and she called Travis over to help her with it. MK and I went along to check out the snake. While there we had to remind MK that it's perfectly fine to pick up frogs and lizards, but you should never pick up a snake. I hope she remembers this!

7. Today is my brother, Owens', 29th birthday. A BIG happy birthday to him!! We love you, bubs! Only one more year of your twenties. Hee, hee! 


Jan Kessler said...

Please save me a picture and let me know when the recital is. Love you guys, Aunt Jan

Kathy Hardison said...

Thanks for the update :) LY and can't wait to be together this weekend.