Monday, June 4, 2012

Today is Day 2 of summer break and I am loving every single second. It is so nice to be at home with my girl doing whatever it is that we want to do.

Friday, our very first day, we had a follow-up at the ENT. We've been every six months since MK had her tubes put in almost a year and a half ago. The check up went great and all looks terrific. After our appointment we went to the mall so that MK could play and so that I could start the summer off with a trip to Starbucks. We even managed to work in a lunch date with Uncle Owens. Needless to say, we had a very good day.

Today we started our first week of swimming lessons. MK is taking lessons this week and then again later in June. We are around the water A LOT and I want her to have as much experience as she can. I was a little nervous about lessons because I remember taking lessons as a child and I remember them being quite scary. However, my girl proves to me over and over that she is so much more brave than I ever was. She did amazing and I was so very proud of her! I am so anxious to see what all she will learn this week.


Elizabeth said...

I was just thinking of y'all this morning. Glad you are enjoying your summer break!

Lorena de Bianchi said...

It had been so long since I read your blog! MK is such a big girl and so beautiful! You can even braid her hair now.. wow! You both look wonderful, hope you enjoy your summer next to your little girl!

Anonymous said...

Heather, I just had to smile at the new picture of MK...laid out with her swim suit and boots!! I know where she gets her style from...LOL I love seeing her grow :)

Anonymous said...

oops...forgot to sign off...Love, Ms. Phala