Monday, July 16, 2012

Guest Bedroom Re-do

Our guest bedroom was boring. It was the only room in our little "shoebox" that we'd never really done anything with, which is so, so incredibly sad because it's where we stick our guests when they come. Not only is it a bedroom, but an office, a gift wrapping station, a room I use to lay out items when packing for a trip and a throw-it-in-there-because-there-is-no-where-else-to-put-it kind of room. Prior to our recent re-do it housed a bed, which I didn't particularly love, a computer table, which I loved even less and a lamp that I've had since college.

This was before...

This was the table that used to serve as our computer desk. It's now hanging out in our kitchen until I can figure out what to do with it. 
Fabulous, huh?!? Not. It was awful and boring and dreary and I wanted a change. And I knew what I wanted. 

I already knew I wanted that little "Cabin Red" dresser to be the new piece in the room. It would have two purposes - storage and a great computer desk. Then, I knew something had to be done with the bed. 
Travis and I took it apart. Okay, maybe Travis did most of that part, but I did try to help. We took it outside and I painted it. That's right, painted it a brand new and fresh color. It was much like the little red dresser because I didn't want it to be perfect, so the painting was super easy. 
After the new "old" dresser and a painted bed, there were just a few things left to do.
I picked up a new white quilt from TJ Maxx, we installed a ceiling fan and I created some new artwork. Super cheap canvases from AC Moore and paint I already had. Super easy and super fun!

I still have work to do, but I am so, so happy with how it looks so far. I plan to buy some new pillows, create some more artwork and maybe paint the room. It's funny, I'll paint a piece of furniture in a heartbeat, but I have to think for a very long time before I will paint a room. 

We started all of this on a Saturday and finished by Tuesday (before the 4th), just in time for my parents to come for the night. 

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Jan Kessler said...

Love the pictures, bed, and dresser. That is beautiful shade of red. Love Yall,

Aunt Jan