Monday, August 6, 2012

Last weekend we celebrated Trav's 33rd birthday, but also the nuptials of my cousin Jamie and her fiancé Grant. 

It was my kind of weekend - good food, fun and family. Those three make any weekend of mine an absolute blast.

Friday we attended the rehearsal. I was a reader in the wedding so I had to make sure I knew where to sit, where to stand and how to speak. Unfortuantely, due to a case of nerves and high emotions, I forgot most of that Saturday during the actual wedding. We all know I am a super emotional person. I cry when things are sad and I cry when things are happy. I can't help it. I am who I am. And Saturday while I was reading I really struggled to get it together. I was so happy for Jamie and Grant and my entire family. I was also so happy that so many of my family members were in one place, but I was missing my Aunt Ann, Jamie's mom, a lot. She passed away the December that we brought MK home and my heart was seriously aching for her this past weekend. 

After rehearsal we headed to Bocci's, this amazing little Italian restaurant in downtown Charleston. 
MK with the bride and groom
Me, Mammie and Leigh Anne
The dinner was so delicious. Trav and I both had veal and it was a great choice. After the dinner, the party continued back at the hotel, where all of my family that was already in town gathered to celebrate Trav's birthday. My mom got him his favorite cake and MK helped him blow out the "pretend" candles.
Celebrating Daddy's birthday at the hotel
Saturday morning we all helped Jamie get the reception place ready for the big party. I love my family for so many reasons, but Saturday morning was just another example of how wonderful they all are. All of my uncles, aunts and several cousins, along with Grant's family, met up to decorate tables, get ice, move chairs, etc. 

Before we knew it, it was time to head to the chapel. 
My sweet Uncle Jimmy, father of the gorgeous bride
My little family of three. I LOVE this picture of all of us, but maybe next time I'll put my arm down. :)
Jamie and Grant are both Citadel grads so they were married at the Summerall Chapel. It's crazy and kind of a family tradition on my dad's side because when it's all said and done four grandchildren will have been married in that chapel. Three of the four will have done that in a matter of eight months.

My grandmother's aunt, Gran Fran, and her family came for the wedding. She is almost 97 years old and is just the sweetest thing. I hope I am just like her when I am 97. 
Mammie and Gran Fran
Gran Fran's granddaughter, Leigh, who's my second or third cousin and also the same age as me, was also in attendance and she brought her darling little girl, Lily. Jillian, my first cousin's oldest, was also there. (Are you thoroughly confused now?) She, Lily and Morgan Kate had THE best time!
Lily, Morgan Kate and Jillian

During the reception there was a terrible storm and we even lost power for about ten minutes or so. Regardless of the weather, it was a beautiful party and a beautiful night.

My daddy and his brothers
Me, Mrs. Jackie, Uncle Jimmy, Mom and Trenholm
Mammie asked Grant's granddaddy, Poppy, to dance. It was so sweet watching them dance.
It was also pretty sweet watching these two dance the night away. MK adores her Uncle O.
It was such a great weekend and such a beautiful wedding. Only six months until the next one!

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