Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Coffee Date

Good morning! I guess technically it's more early afternoonish. 

It's not often that I get to sip coffee on a Tuesday mid-morning, at home and in my jammies. However, not only is today Election Day, but a day off from work/school for Morgan Kate and I. I've already texted Travis to ask him to remind me why I ever went back to work. Being at home with my girl is heaven.
If you were here we might be curled up on the couch or sitting in my kitchen. It's a little too chilly out to sit in my favorite area - the back porch. I'd be sipping my coffee, my second cup, with Warm Cinnamon Sugar Cookie creamer - a holiday special. Delish. Morgan Kate would be running between rooms, still in her pajamas, playing and singing and dancing. She loves being home too. You'd smell the big pot of vegetable soup cooking on the stove. And you'd hear the quiet hum of the washer machine and dryer. Still catching up on weekend laundry. 

We'd probably start by talking about the big topic today - the election. I'd tell you how I'm not really a big political person. And often times I'm more confused than anything. I don't consider myself strictly a Republican or strictly a Democrat. My thoughts are kind of all over the place. I'd tell you how I had to call one of my besties, who's super smart, and have her break it all down for me. I'd tell you how the presidential election is important to me, but the local school board election is just as important. We might would share our thoughts about the election and who we might vote for or we might not share at all. I'd be perfectly fine with either, but I would want to move along to something else fairly quickly. Like I said, I'm not really into politics. And I'm perfectly okay with that. I just pray that whoever is elected makes the right choices for our country. 

I'd ask you how you've been and what you've been up to. I would then share with you about our awesome weekend. Full of family. Full of fun. Full of birthday parties. We left Saturday morning for Jillian's 3rd birthday party. Her mom, Amy, is super talented and the party was a blast. We got to see not only the birthday girl, but lots of our family on my dad's side. We left there, just the three of us, and headed to the South Carolina aquarium. I'd tell you how it was really pretty and there were great fish and sharks, but that it's way overpriced. Thank goodness South Carolina teachers get in for free. Wowzers. After our adventure there we spent the afternoon and evening trying to find good seafood. We weren't super successful. The most exciting part of the evening was spending the night in a hotel with one king size bed. And no, I'm not being sarcastic. It was AWESOME. No agenda. No dishes to wash or laundry to do. No distractions. No rooms or toys to pick up. No beds to make. Just the three of us, total relaxation, all snuggled up, enjoying each other. We've decided it's something we need to do at least once a month. Seriously. Sunday morning we did a little shopping and then headed to Abigail and Addison's first birthday party. Again, another super talented and creative momma and an awesome party. We had the best time! And on this day, we got to see both birthday girls and most of my family on my mom's side. Awesome weekend.

After catching up on all our weekend excitement we might talk about how beautiful this time of the year is. The leaves and colors and smells. And just all of the stuff you can do. Fall is my new favorite time of the year! However, I would have to mention that I am not particularly fond of this whole daylight savings time thing. I would much rather it be dark on my way to work than get dark just an hour after coming home. 

I'm sure at some point our conversation would turn to Christmas and all it's fun. I would tell you how, for the first time ever, I have already started my shopping. I've only purchased one gift, but that's one more than I had last year this time. I'm still trying to decide what to get our little one, but I know it will come.

Before long, it would be time for me to start lunch. I'd definitely invite you to stay, but you might not be really into Easy Mac and Ramen noodles. 

Until next time...and next time will probably be Thanksgiving or Christmas break.


Kelly Lee said...

I sure wish I could have coffee time with you! Have a great week. Love you!

Kathy Hardison said...

I'd like to be sitting on the back porch sipping on coffee, watching MK play and catching up! Life is moving too fast.