Sunday, November 18, 2012

Melt my heart.
Recent conversations with Morgan Kate:

MK: Mommy, I want a babe.
Me: A baby?
MK: No, a babe. 
Me: What do you mean?
MK: You know, Mommy. Like you call Daddy your babe and he calls you his babe. I want a babe. 

MK: Mommy, it's not fair.
Me: What's not fair?
MK: You and Daddy get to sleep together every night and I have to sleep alone. I want a husband to sleep with.

Morgan Kate's parent-teacher conference last week went so well. Of course, we think our girl is smart and sweet and kind and helpful, but it's so nice to hear from others too. Her teacher said that she is such a sweet girl and so concerned about others. She said MK is always checking on her friends and asking about people when they are upset or get hurt. She said that MK loves to play dress up and build with blocks and ride the bikes and swing on the big swings and occasionally she just likes to walk around the playground and collect nuts. Go figure. Our girl, the acorn collector. She also loves to read books and figure out patterns and she has a fantastic memory. Morgan Kate told me beforehand that she thought her teacher would mention what a good "cleaner" MK was and she was right. Mrs. C said that MK loves to clean up. I wish she loved to clean up at home. 

I am so excited about a two day work week and family and food and turkey. 

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