Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Decor Part 3


Stockings have always troubled my decorating mind. 

I've always wanted our stockings to hang from our mantel like ours did was I was growing up. However, our mantel is about a fourth of the size of my parent's mantel. My parent's have this beautiful, wooden mantel that my dad and granddad made together. My grandparents and my aunt and uncle have the same mantel. Anyhoo, our stockings just don't fit our mantel and we love using our gas logs. Each time we cut the gas logs on we have to move the stockings and they end up just getting tossed to the side and never put back up. 

Last year I had had enough and was determined to think of something different.

Back in February, on one of our farm trips, we found this turquoise piece of wood in an old house. I loved it, so we brought it home and it sat in our garage. I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do with it.
This past summer, while doing a little shopping at Peach Festival Gardens, I found four old doorknobs that made me smile. I brought them home and told Travis that I had a little project for him. I told him what I envisioned, gave him the materials and he got busy. I present you my idea and his handwork - our new stocking holder. Of course, it's not really "my original idea". There have been plenty of people before me to put a few doorknobs on a slab of wood and hang things, BUT it was my idea to take these five knobs and place them on this piece of wood and it's main purpose being to hang stockings.
Actually, the great part is that it's not just a stocking holder. We've had it up since this summer. It looks great on our den wall and it's special because part of it came from our farm, but it's also special because it's our project, our hard work.
I love it and I have loved having a place just for our stockings. The middle stocking is my stocking from when I was growing up. We all had a crocheted stocking. When Travis and I got married I bought us the other two matching stockings. I love them and think they are cute, but I would LOVE to have three crocheted stockings (Hint, hint...grandmas, aunts, etc). The crochet stocking reminds me of my childhood and so many happy memories. 

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Kathy Hardison said...

Talk sweetly to Aunt Deborah - she was the crochet queen who made all of them!