Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Morgan Kate will be five this August. Five.

Some days, the past five years seem like they've really been five years. But on most days, the past five years have felt like the fastest five years of my life.

I say this about every age, but I really can't wrap my mind around the fact that Morgan Kate will be five. 

While it's been five years since her early birth, those days are not far from my mind. I still remember so much of that time like it was yesterday. 

I still remember what I wore to the hospital the night my water broke. 

I remember being admitted and undergoing tests and having to answer a million questions. 

I remember the first dose of steroids I was given to help her development and how my body felt so hot and tired.

I remember making it through the first twenty-four hours and waking up to find Travis at my side and my mom asleep on the laundry basket. Just minutes later two very special people coming through the door with biscuits and hearts full of concern.

I remember the long days of my hospital stay. The visitors. The food. The staff. One of my besties coming and helping me wash my hair. Thank goodness for friends who will wash your nasty, oily, dirty hair. 

I remember the day Dr. Ellis, one of the neonatologists, came by to talk to us about our situation and our child's chances. I remember the numbers and statistics and overwhelmingly sad prognosis.

I will always remember the morning of August 24 when I learned that our baby girl had a better chance of survival outside of my body rather than inside. 

I remember the fear. The worry. The sadness. 

After her early birth all I wanted was for her to be three or four or five. Any age, but what she really was. I wanted to know she would be okay. I wanted to know that I was going to get to take her home. That I would get to see her grow and change. Walk and talk. I wanted to know that one day I would be able to hear her say, "I love you" and wrap her tiny, delicate arms around my neck.
My heart is beyond full. Morgan Kate brings a joy and a light to mine and Travis' life like no other. We've been able to see her grow and change. She runs, she walks, she talks non-stop. She counts and sings and writes the letter M everywhere. We get to hear her sweet little voice say those three special words. We get to hold her and squeeze and kiss her tiny, sweet cheeks. She is our world.

Because of the March of Dimes, the good Lord above and many, many prayerful people our precious girl is here and she is thriving. The March of Dimes continues to do research. They continue to try and find the causes of preterm births and ways to prevent them from happening. Their goal is for all babies to be born healthy and full-term. That's something I'd like to see as well. 

There are 66 days left until March for Babies. That's 66 days left to join our team and/or send in your donation. Don't delay, do it today!  

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Anonymous said...

I remember so much of that time very well. Can't imagine how vivid it is for you. Hard to believe it was almost 5 years ago. Morgan Kate is perfect...such a blessing and angel :)