Friday, April 5, 2013


This past weekend we were able to "pretend" we had two children.
We kept our nephew, Hunter, for the weekend.
He was such a joy to have. I could keep him forever.
There were twice as many hugs and snuggles.
Twice as many sweet faces to wake up to. 
Twice as many toys strung through our house.
Twice as many, "Watch this", "Let's pretend", "Let's play", etc.
Twice as many sweet, innocent faces to watch in my rearview mirror.
Twice as many mouths to feed.
Twice as many special moments to capture.
Twice as many monkeys jumping on our bed.
Twice as many books to read before bed.
Twice as many naked babies to bathe and sweet cheeks to kiss before bed.
And the true test, twice as many to feed, dress and pack in order to make church Easter morning.
It's funny. In many ways having two was hard. But, in other ways, Hunter made having two seem so easy. I think it's because he's so easy. I really could keep him forever. 

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