Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Catch Up. Part Four. Final Episode. Photo Overload.

1. During the early part of May we celebrated Owens' BIG 3-0. Still can't believe one of my baby brothers is 30. How can that be when I'm only like 25 and I'm the oldest?!? Ha.
2. Owens and Trenholm also shared some BIG news with us.
Oh. My. Goodness. Exciting!! Being an aunt is probably one of my most favorite things ever and I am over the moon excited to be getting a new niece or nephew this Christmas. Christmas is already one of my most favorite holidays and this little guy or girl will be the icing on the cake. Can't wait!

3. Speaking of babies, we found a baby bird in our yard one morning recently. We watched him/her bounce around for at least an hour.
4. Morgan Kate had fun with her some of her great uncles during our annual Mother's Day picnic at Mammie's house.
She can con people into almost anything.
5. We've had NUMEROUS days on the lake.
Morgan Kate and sweet Emirie
My precious nephew Hunter

6. We had our first Locks trip of the summer. Trip number two is coming up very soon.

7. Morgan Kate has wanted to do lots of this. 
She's four going on fourteen. The girl sleeps like a teenager. She wants to stay up as late as possible and then does NOT want to get out of the bed in the mornings. I'm not complaining, she gets it honest. It's just that we've had VBS and cheer camp the last two weeks and her grumpiness in the mornings has not been ideal. Next week she can sleep as late as her little heart desires. 

8. We've had lots of fresh produce. So yummy!

9. We've been able to spend some evenings during the week out on the lake. Have I mentioned that I love summer?!?

10. Like I mentioned earlier, MK has been involved in some summer activities. She participated in VBS last week and this week she is participating in the Chapin Cheer Clinic. She has loved both of them!
And since she's been getting up early and playing all morning, she's asked to take a nap each day. Woo hoo for a girl wanting to rest!
The first day of cheer camp, much like the first day of VBS, she was a little anxious and nervous about walking in. She loves going and doing, but she can be a little shy at first. The shyness typically wears off fast and in both cases, VBS and cheer camp, she has totally warmed up. Yesterday we heard "cheers" all. afternoon. I repeat. All. Afternoon. I love it! I really do.
11. We've even been able to have lunch with Uncle Owens. 
It's shaping up to be a great summer! 

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Anonymous said...

She has grown up so much!!! She is so precious!!! Love you all!