Friday, June 28, 2013

Paint and Pour

This past Wednesday night I met up with some of my work peeps at Paint and Pour. It's one of the local places where a group of people can gather together, socialize, snack, partake in tasty beverages, and oh yeah, PAINT. 
It was a fun night. We had eleven artists. Eleven very different artists. By different I mean, each of our paintings was unique in its on way.
Our "theme" (for lack of a better word) was a crab with a tiny starfish. Now, let's be honest, I do love to paint, but I am no Picasso. When we walked in and I saw an example of the finished product, I was a little anxious. I got a little sweaty.
The teacher/instructor took us step by step and before long my painting was starting to take shape. I was kind of proud of myself.
Some artists decided to be different and choose a different background or make the crab a different color. I totally respect their decision to take the path less traveled, but this girl had to take the beaten path. I wasn't quite ready to stray. Maybe next time.
It really was so much fun and it really was something we could all do. Seriously. We are already planning our next trip. 

I present to you my crab and starfish. Or octopus and starfish. Maybe alien and starfish. Really, who cares?!? It's a painting and I did it. 

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