Saturday, August 17, 2013

Last week in pictures.

Last Monday was our last day at home before I returned to work on Tuesday. Morgan Kate and I stayed in our PJs until well after noon. The only reason we showered and changed then was because I wanted to get cake mix to make cupcakes. Good reason, right?!? We really relaxed last Monday. We slept in. Painted nails. Played games. Watched cartoons. Baked cupcakes. It was awesome.
Tuesday I awoke to an alarm for the first time in nine weeks. It hurt. I think all jobs should start around 9:00 and everyone should be off by at least 4:00. No one should have to get up before 5:30. Ever. Despite my early wake up time, it was a good day. MK actually got one more day of rest because Roddey's little girl was under the weather. 

Once I got up and actually got to school I was okay. Lots of coffee really helped. Seeing my coworkers was also a ray of sunshine. And then sweet little notes like this from my hubby made me smile even more. 
Oh, there was a not so good part of Tuesday. Travis had to take MK to the doctor. She had been dealing with this terrible cough like she seems to do every August. When she woke up Tuesday morning she was complaining about her ears. Travis took her and came home with an antibiotic for double ear infections, an oral steroid, a cough syrup and two new inhalers. I'm definitely going to win "Mom of the Year". NOT!

The most AWESOME part of Tuesday was that Owens and Trenholm had their 20 week ultrasound. The appointment went fabulous and the pictures are even more fabulous. Meet my newest niece or nephew at twenty weeks and one day. 
Sweet Baby H
Eeeeekkkkk! How adorable! I am so excited for December!!! I've got lots of spoiling and ruining to do, especially since Owens and Trenholm have done such a good job of that with MK. Oh, and no, they did not find out the sex. They are waiting. Exciting for them, torture for me.

Wednesday brought pictures like this on Instragram. 
Friday was my birthday. Thirty-three. And so I got lots of love on Instagram (and Facebook) from family and friends. My mom and dad started posting pictures on Wednesday, maybe Tuesday, and by the actual day of my birthday many others had joined in. Thank goodness most of the pictures made me smile instead of cringe. 

I love social media, most of the time. Facebook is nice, but Instagram is where it's at. Or at least I think so. Well, let me rephrase that. Instagram is where it's at, as long as no one has silly, stupid or incriminating pictures of you. 

Not only was Friday my birthday, but it was also "Meet the Teacher" at my school. From 2-5 many of my students stopped by to drop off supplies, pay school fees and meet me. I have got some sweet, sweet babies. Definitely looking forward to a great school year!

Friday evening Trav and MK took me to eat sushi for my birthday dinner. Owens and Trenholm joined us and it was so much fun. We ate lots of good food and my lovely people even requested that the staff serenade me with songs and drums. Awesome. 

Friday and today have been rainy, rainy days. It literally has rained all day and night and now day again. 

Today I was able to sleep in, sip my coffee and just relax. Tonight we are going to celebrate me a little more. I always love celebrating me. Ha!

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Elizabeth said...

Happy belated birthday!! Glad to hear you had a great one! :)

And I agree 100% that we should be able to work 9-4...this 5am alarm is really starting to wear me down...