Tuesday, October 22, 2013

It's Tuesday.

It's Tuesday. And I'm actually sitting down to blog. I actually have a minute to think and write and upload pictures. 

I do have free time at night. We all have free time for the things we want. The things I have been wanting are: more couch time, more family time, more The Voice time. 

Tonight, however, dinner has been cooked. The babe has been bathed. And I have some extra free time.

It's Tuesday and I'm just realizing that I never blogged about MK and AP's halftime cheer performance. It was back in early September. It's now late October. Ugh. 

While the girls were cheering, Travis and I got to love on this sweet face. Cutie pie.
The girls participated in cheer camp this past summer at Chapin High and back in early September all of the participants were invited back to cheer during halftime at the first home game. The girls were so excited!
 We had awesome front row seats. I think I was just as excited.
With our front row seats, I got these awesome pictures. NOT. It just so happened that the practice kicking goal was right in my way and made it in to almost all of my pictures.
Not only was it great watching my girl, but also watching girls that I taught in fourth grade. Now sophomores, juniors and seniors!

It's Tuesday and I'm already wishing for Friday. Work is HARD. I am DRAINED.

It's Tuesday and I have a parent-teacher conference at MK's school on Thursday. I'm so anxious to see what her teacher has to say.

It's Tuesday and not only did I forget to blog about cheering, but I forgot to blog about our annual trip to Sky Top.
This year made year number five and it was just as much fun as year number one.  This year my parents weren't able to go, but Owens and Trenholm (and Baby H) were.
We stopped for a Bojangles breakfast and then headed to Sky Top. So. Much. Fun. Before touring the orchard or playing on all of the equipment, we had to make a stop at the donut stand. Oh. My. Heavens.
After donuts, it was photo time. We made sure to get our "traditional pictures".
My little family had to take quite a few because someone kept photobombing our pics. I'm thinking that the photo above would make an ideal photo for our Christmas card.
We played, we ate, we walked, we visited the animals and we walked some more. 
Around lunchtime we headed back to the car for a picnic lunch and we listened to the USC game. It was so nice and so relaxing.

I'm already anxiously awaiting our next trip and our newest attendee, Baby Hardison. It's going to be great!

It's Tuesday and we are working on bedtime routines. Changing our afternoons up, mixing up the normal nighttime routine - anything to get our girl to sleep better. 

It's Tuesday and we are working on our "electronic time"  - Mommy and Daddy included. 

It's Tuesday. And I am off to have some family time.

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amanda pyle said...

Love this, and I definitely think you need to use the pic with Owens eating the donuts as your Christmas card pic:) Fantastic!