Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas Eve started off perfectly. Coffee. PJs. Christmas lights. TV. Relaxing. I was in heaven. My morning got even better when Owens called and said that he and Trenholm just couldn't stand it. They needed to get out of their four walls and they wanted to be at "home" for Christmas. They were going to stay Christmas Eve night with Trenholm's parents and come to my parent's on Christmas Day. We were all SO excited!
We also had a special visit from one of my oldest friends, Michael. His parents and my parents have been friends FOREVER. Seriously. And we've been friends since we were old enough to know what a friend was. MK adores him!
Christmas Eve night we all headed to Mammie's for our family dinner. Both of my grandmothers are there, my dad and his three brothers, and all of their families. We were only missing Owens, Trenholm and Loitton, as well as Luke and Tina who are also expecting a baby any day now. It was a full house!

MK and Jillian were excited to sit at their own little table together. Cuties!
My cousin Will is a nut! He will randomly grab people's phones and take "selfies". I love him!
 My little family of three on Christmas Eve in front of Mammie's tree.
Before heading back to my parent's house we rode through the lights at the Gardens. It's always so beautiful!
Our girl is a sleeper. She can sleep 12+ hours a night and she can sleep late. By about 8:30 or so Christmas morning my daddy was tired of waiting. He began ringing bells and saying, "Ho, ho ho!" as loud as he could. Finally, he and my mom came into our room dancing and playing Christmas songs until MK  got up. 

She was so excited to find her own real guitar...
 and a pink BB gun. She was one happy camper! She got so many nice things! 
Later in the day Owens and Trenholm arrived with Loitton. We were all so, so excited! I let my mom and Mama Jean love on him lots that day, but the next day…he was all mine.
 He napped on my chest for well over an hour. Heaven!
 Is he not just THE cutest?!?
Christmas night my parents cooked steaks, potatoes and salad for everyone. It was so yummy! We were there (obviously), my parents, Owens, Trenholm and Loitton, Mama Jean, Kyle, Jessie, Hunter, Triston and Avery. It was SO nice to have everyone there at the same time!

Thursday, late afternoon, we headed back to our house. MK was one tired little girl! 

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Elizabeth said...

Looks like y'all had a fabulous Christmas! Spending time with family is always so good for the soul!