Thursday, January 2, 2014


The Tuesday before Thanksgiving, while sitting in a meeting at work, I received a phone call from Travis. I knew something wasn't right because one, they pulled me out of an important meeting to take a phone call and two, Travis started off with, "Everything's okay."

Which usually means, it really isn't.
Baby Hardison was expected to arrive around December 30. We were all anticipating a late Christmas present. We had no idea that instead, we were going to get an early Thanksgiving surprise. 

Trenholm had been having some blood pressures issues and had been on bed rest for about a week. That Tuesday she returned to the doctor and after some blood work they decided that today was the day. Baby Hardison would be arriving!
The baby wasn't in distress, which was a good thing. But we all knew that blood pressure issues weren't good and that coming five weeks early could have its own set of complications. Apparently, we just don't do full term in our family. MK was 15 weeks early, Hunter was five weeks early, Abigail and Addison were ten weeks early and Baby Hardison was going to also keep that trend.
When Travis called I immediately burst into tears. Deep down I felt like things would be fine and everything would go well, but we all know how pregnancy and child birth and all of that just freaks me out. And it was happening to my little brother and his family. It just didn't sit too well. 

I walked back into my meeting with red, swollen eyes and my awesome principal told me to leave right away. I did.
I got to the hospital around one or so. My mom was there and Trenholm's parents, as well as Trenholm's sister. It wasn't long before Travis arrived and my dad and Kyle. Later in the day MK even came. We all sat and waited. We paced. We made phone calls. We drank coffee. We teared up. We laughed. We texted. I specifically texted Owens. Yes, he was back with Trenholm and they were preparing to have a baby, but I needed to check on my baby brother. I had to know he was okay. And that Trenholm was okay. And that my soon to be niece or nephew was okay. Thankfully he responded when he had a few minutes. 
Once Trenholm was settled we were all able to go back and see her. Again, tears. (For goodness sake, I have tears while I'm writing this.) Trenholm and I are tight. She's way more than just a "sister-in-law". It was comforting to see that she and Baby H were okay and that things were progressing. 

It just so happened that Dr. Grumbach was the doctor that would be delivering Baby H and he was also the doctor who delivered Morgan Kate. He's pretty awesome. 
We were there for several hours, but it really didn't feel too long. We all kept each other company and it really helped pass the time. Around 8 or so we got word that things were really progressing and it was almost time. The next hour didn't go nearly as fast as the hours before. We were all so anxious.

Shortly after nine Owens came out and made the big announcement, "It's a boy!" We were all SO excited and some of us a little surprised. I had convinced myself that Baby Hardison was going to be a girl. After all, it only seemed fitting that Owens would have a girl and have to learn all the girly stuff that comes with one. Ha!

I think it's pretty neat that my grandfather was 30 when my daddy was born. My daddy was 30 when Owens was born. And Owens was 30 when Loitton was born. Also, Baby Loitton is a third. Pretty special. 
 Loitton was/is a perfect baby boy. He is the cutest and sweetest thing ever. 
He didn't need any special care at birth other than a bilirubin light and for few hours he had to hang out in the isolette in order to get his body temperature up.
Being an aunt is awesome. I always say it's the next best thing to being a mommy. 
 Watching your little brother become a daddy is pretty awesome, too. 
 I could hold Loitton and love him all day long. And sometimes I do. 
I'm excited to see what the future holds. I by no means want to rush this time. The newborn/infant stage passes all too quickly. But, I'm excited to see the relationships that form and how he and Morgan Kate and Hunter all interact. They have lots to teach him.
Until then I'm just going to snuggle him and kiss him and love him and sniff him. I love the way new babies smell. 
Welcome to the world, Baby Loitton! We are beyond happy to have you here!

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