Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Yesterday and today most schools in our area had a two hour delay. Yahoo! Monday night temperatures were in the teens and the windchill made it feel like 5 or 6 degrees. We left our faucets dripping all night, but we still woke up to NO hot water. Miserable. Tuesday night things were a tiny bit better. By tiny I mean it was like a degree or two warmer. I guess in the grand scheme of things, Tuesday night may have actually been worse because we never saw above freezing temps during the day on Tuesday. 
I know for those of you who live in the North these temperatures are nothing. And you all probably think it is hilarious and slightly ridiculous that schools were delayed, but down here we just aren't equip for those temperatures. We don't even own heavy coats. Ha!

This morning I didn't get to really enjoy the benefit of a two hour delay because I had to have some blood work first thing this morning. I left that office and headed straight to the endodontist for my second root canal in two weeks. I can't wait to share all my dental news. I'll save that story or stories for another day. And in case you were wondering this is what my face looks like after a root canal. I realize this photo is awful and slightly embarrassing, but sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself. Not sure why I look cross eyed. Forget the eyes and make note of the nose and lips. The root canal was at 9:00 and I walked around like this until after 2. Awful. 
After my eventful morning, I treated myself to lunch with one of my besties and ran a few errands. I think it's important to note that while eating lunch we both opened a fortune cookie only to find that my fortune cookie was "fortune-less". Only me.

I then headed home and started Operation Clean the Pigsty. Morgan Kate's room is awful. And if she never got another toy in her entire life, she would still have too many. It is ridiculous. Her room is now organized, clean and carrot free. I found a carrot in her room that had clearly been there for about two weeks. Maybe longer.
In case you are wondering, the white bag is full of trash. Seriously. Legitimate trash. Found in baskets, under her bed, under her dresser, in the middle of her floor and every other nook and cranny. The pink bag is filled with things that I found in her room that belong to ME - socks, books, necklaces, etc. Oh, and the yellow arrow? That is pointing to a pinecone. Yes, a pinecone. I found the pinecone in a box in her room. I dropped it in the trash bag and thought nothing else of it. MK came in during my cleaning fury and began digging in the trash bag. Big mistake. She immediately began pulling stuff out and asking questions. The pinecone was one of those things. Despite my best efforts to trash it, she and her daddy convinced me that "pinecones are special". Did you know that? Hmmm, neither did I. But apparently, pinecones are special, just like rocks and sticks and bugs are special. At least those things are for my crew. So, we still have our "special pinecone". 

Can't wait to see what tomorrow holds...

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