Monday, August 11, 2014

Goodbye, summer.

Goodbye, sleeping in. One of my most favorite things to do.

Goodbye, slow mornings, sipping coffee and staying in my PJs until after lunch or longer.

Goodbye, Today Show and Kelly and Michael. 

Goodbye, morning snuggles with my best girl.

Goodbye, VBS, cheer camp, gymnastics camp, and dance camp.

Goodbye, no agenda and no set plans.

Goodbye, middle of the day play dates.

Goodbye, naps. Sweet naps.

Goodbye, lunch and shopping with Kaka on Fridays.

Goodbye, kisses and hugs and squeezes at any time during the day.

Goodbye, dinner at 9pm.

Goodbye, Netflix. Or at least Netflix until 2am.

Goodbye, late nights. Very late nights.

Hello, new school year.

Hello, alarm clock. I have not missed you one bit.

Hello, to my hubby, as we once again have the same waking hours.

Hello, to coworkers I have missed.

Hello, to a new classroom and a new grade level and new sweet faces to meet.

Hello, to my KINDERGARTNER! Still struggling with this.

Hello, to morning rides to school with my girl.

Hello, to all that the new school year holds for me and my little one who is starting school for the first time.

Lots and lots to look forward to!

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Elizabeth said...

It's crazy that summer is already over! School in NOLA started last week & I still can't believe it!