Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy 5 Weeks, Morgan Kate!

It is hard to believe that Morgan Kate was born five weeks ago today. It seems like it has been just a few days. My one week in the hospital felt like an eternity, but the time Morgan Kate has spent there has gone by rather quickly - thank goodness!

Morgan Kate had a good day today. She is continuing to grow and hit 2 pounds and 12 ounces tonight! We are hoping and praying that she will hit 3 pounds by next weekend. She is still tolerating her feeds and the new schedule seems to be suiting her perfectly. I wasn't able to hold her today because she was a little cold (her body temperature). Last night she was rather warm so they turned her bed down a little, then today she got a little cold. However, I am sure that by tomorrow morning she will be the perfect temperature and I will be able to hold her again.

Mothers of premature babies that are in the NICU at Baptist must have a culture of their breast milk done every three days until their baby reaches a certain weight. In order to provide your baby with the breast milk your culture must come back okay and you must get your cultures in on time or else their will be a lapse and your baby will have to be fed formula. There have been a few instances where Morgan Kate has had to have formula and she has done fine on it. However, I think tonight she finally reached the weight where we no longer have to do cultures. Yahoo! This is huge for us!! 

Morgan Kate's eye exam is either tomorrow or Tuesday. The opthamologist will come by tomorrow and write orders for the eye exam. Then the opthamologist will either come back Monday afternoon or Tuesday to perform the exam. From what I understand they will put drops in Morgan Kate's eyes to dilate them (Awful isn't it?) and then they will use some sort of device to hold her eye lids open. The nurses say that it's not painful, but that the babies hate it. I plan on standing right outside the door - far enough away to avoid hearing her cry (it breaks my heart), but close enough to comfort her the minute it's over. Please pray that the exam goes well, that Morgan Kate is not in any pain and that things turn out okay. 


charlotte said...

I cant believe its been 5 weeks. She has grown so much! She is so cute! The first thing I do every morning is read Morgan Kate's blog. Thank you for keeping everyone up to date! Ill continue to pray for Morgan Kate. She will be home and ready to go on dates in now time!

Kit Stewart said...

Heather, I am Kit Stewart, Jessa's mother in law. I know Jessa has shared our pre mature baby story with you. Your pictures bring back all those memories in the NICU 27 years ago! Morgan Kate is a beautiful blessing to you all. She will always be special because she was your first and she is such a fighter! I love seeing her progress and will continue to pray for your precious little family. A small wonder of this world!!

Monica said...

Hey my friend! Has it really been 5 weeks? It just doesn't seem like that long ago. But that just means that you all are closer to "GOING HOME", together. I am so happy for you. You have a beautiful little girl, a wonderful husband, a loving family, and some pretty awesome supporters. I think about you often. I know that I haven't been to see y'all--and I'm sorry. But I think about you ALL of the time and pray for you just as often. I miss you. I pray that the eye exam goes well.

Gwen said...

Hey, Heather! Morgan Kate is so beautiful and I'm sure the pictures don't even do her justice. Her hair looks a little reddish---is it? I told Ruthie Bell that Morgan Kate looked like she might have a little red in her hair and she was very excited :) I know Morgan Kate already has a Ruthie Bell spirit---look at all she's has done in just one month. You're all in my prayers including your mom. Thanks for being so faithful with the blog---I look forward to reading it every day. Love, Gwen