Thursday, September 18, 2008

I can do everything through him who gives me strength.  - Philippians 4:13

Morgan Kate already has such a personality! She will let you know rather quickly whether or not she is happy. I have even been able to figure out the cry she makes when she needs her diaper changed (or at least I think I have). :)  I sit beside her incubator sometimes and just watch her. I watch her sleep, I watch her look around at all there is to see, I watch her scrunch up her face and turn beet red when she is not happy with something. The more I watch her the more I long for the day when we can bring her home. 

She had a really good day today. She slept a lot, but was also a little more active today. This afternoon she was awake for quite a while and seemed to be just looking around the room. Morgan Kate is still at 2lb. and 4oz. and she is also continuing to tolerate her feeds (10ccs per hour). They are still giving her the iron drops and will recheck the blood level on Monday. Her first eye exam should be sometime next week, but I am not sure of the day. 

One of our favorite people, Ms. Francena, from the OB High Risk unit, stopped by yesterday to visit. She is such an amazing person! Anyway, she hasn't seen Morgan Kate in almost two weeks. She walked in and said, "Wow, Heather, Morgan Kate has really grown and.....she looks just like Travis". Of course Trav ate this up when I told him and then he said, "Is that a good thing? I mean I wanted our daughter to look like you". In our eyes Morgan Kate is the most beautiful thing we have ever laid our eyes on, whether she look like me or Travis. I think she does have my nose and mouth though! Ha, ha....


Misty said...

I love how you have started your last few post with a bible verse...I found one for you that I think is just perfect.

"From the fullness of His grace we have all received one blessing after another." John 1:16

I'd love to bring you lunch one day...e-mail me and we'll pick a day that's good for you!

Kara Corbett said...

I have been following Morgan Kate's progress through your blog. She seems to be doing better and better by the day! You, Trav, and Morgan Kate are in my thoughts and prayers. Keep up everything you and doing because it's obviously working!!! Please tell Trav hello for me!
Kara Corbett

Anonymous said...


What a blessing it is to me each day to read about the progress of my beautiful great niece! I love your scripture, and the reminder that every gift is from God. Each and every day is a gift for us to use to glorify Him! Morgan Kate is a testimony to His faithfulness, and we rejoice in that. Blessings and love, Aunt Terry

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather, Travis, & Morgan Kate,

I love the pictures you keep adding! Morgan Kate is so beautiful and so loved. Each new day brings many blessings.

Take care of each other and find some rest...Morgan Kate will be home soon sleeping in her own little cradle.

All our love,
Lyn & Phala