Monday, September 15, 2008

I wish I would have thought to use Travis' wedding band in some of our very first photos. However, I was too scared that I would contaminate the incubator or bring in germs. Today I thoroughly cleaned his ring and took some pictures with it. The ring would definitely fit over her arm, but it will not fit over her hand. I placed it around her fingers and in the palm of her hand. I also put it around her ear and it fit perfectly. (In the photo with the ring in her palm her little face is very dirty - I do apologize...the oxygen cannula creates a lot of yuck stuff.) The picture with the puppy dog was to give everyone an idea of her length at this time. This is a beany bear puppy that her Kaky and Gator gave her. I will continue to use it to show how she grows.

Today was a really great day for Morgan Kate! She rested a lot today and had very few heart rate drops. Her nurse today, Kim, let me help with so many things - checking her temperature, turning her over, changing multiple stinky diapers, etc. Kim is always so great about letting me help out and I love it! Not only does it make me feel useful, but I know it's helping to prepare me for when I finally do get to bring her home.

As of tonight her feedings are up to 10 ccs (10ml). She will stay at ten until she gains a little more weight. At her "weigh-in" tonight she was still 2lbs. and 2oz. I had a little talk with Morgan Kate and told her that I really need her to start packing on the pounds. I am giving up precious kangaroo time so that she can get bigger! 

Her blood level was low this morning so they have put her on some iron. Typically they would do a transfusion, but she was not exhibiting any other signs of needing one. Therefore, they are going to try the iron for a few days and check her blood level again. 

Morgan Kate is scheduled to have her follow-up brain ultrasound tomorrow. This procedure will be just like the last - the ultrasound tech comes in and spreads gel all over Morgan Kate's soft spot and runs the probe over that area. Afterward, Morgan Kate has a nice little mohawk! Last time they didn't come to do the ultrasound until 9pm. I am assuming that they will come at the same time tomorrow. We will not know the results until sometime Wednesday. I'll keep you all posted. 


Monica said...

Said a little prayer for y'all. Keep up the good work and stay strong. Love you.

celeste said...

Heather - Miracle Morgan Kate is absolutely beautiful. All of you are amazing and an inspiration to many. God is good.

Much love from a flamingo friend - Celeste Shelley

Anonymous said...

Hey Heather!

We are praying for Morgan Kate to gain weight! Tell her we need nourishment for shopping and girls' weekends. I can't wait to see her in the dress you wore in our wedding one day! Love to all!
Aunt Terry