Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy 3 Week Birthday, Morgan Kate!

Today Morgan Kate is three weeks old or 21 days. Not only is she a day older, but an ounce heavier - weighing in tonight at 2 pounds and 2 ounces. We decided that for her 3 week birthday we would let her wear her "precious party dress". We couldn't actually put it on her, but it won't be long. I was glad to see that it was a tiny bit too big - that way it will fit perfectly when we can finally put clothes on her. This little dress was handmade by Betsy Crawford. Thank you, Betsy, for this beautiful dress and all the time you put into it. It is very special to Morgan Kate and myself. Betsy mentioned in her note to me that Morgan Kate could wear this now and use it for her baby dolls later. I think I will have to buy her baby dolls other dresses because this little dress is going to be framed and hung in her nursery!

Dr. Yajnik was the doctor on duty today and tonight. She said that Morgan Kate is doing very well, but that they would like to see her gain more weight. Preemies typically gain about three ounces in one week, averaging about a half ounce a day. With that, Morgan Kate should have gained 10.5 ounces since birth, but she has only gained around 6. They have increased her feedings to 9.1 ccs and hope this will help. If not, then they will add another fortifier to her food to increase calories. Dr. Yajnik said they want to minimize her activity because she is burning too many calories. Therefore, the kangaroo sessions will be a little more sparse. Of course this saddens my heart because I want to hold her so bad, but I will do whatever it takes to make sure she is okay and growing like she should. They took head measurements and measured her length tonight. Last week she was 36 cm long and this week she is 37. Last week her head circumference was 24 cm and this week it's 25. Her height and head circumference are moving up the growth curve, but her weight is not.

She had a really good day today. She napped a lot and only cried a little - actually just twice and both times were because she was uncomfortable. Once her arm was stuck under her and she didn't like and the second time was because she wanted to turn her head in the other direction. Believe it or not but this little girl can already pick her head up and attempt to turn it. Talk about burning some calories!! Her heart rate dropped several times today, but she only had to be stimulated twice. 

My prayer tonight is that Morgan Kate will continue to gain weight and that her breathing will get better which will help with the heart rate drops.


Monica said...

Good Morning my Friend! Way to go Morgan Kate! I know that it will be hard not to kangaroo--but as you know, everything happens for a reason and this might give you a little time to prepare for Morgan Kate to come home. There is still a lot to do. Hang in there-God will give you strength.
The dress is gorgeous! Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Wow, She is growing beautifully! Happy Birthday! That extra ounce will continue to strengthen her little body. She is so precious and God is so good. We will continue our prayers for your family. We love you and I can't wait to meet Morgan Kate.
Love, Hollie

Betsy Crawford said...

Your sweet comments about the dress made me cry! I am so happy that she'll get to wear it soon. I have never made a preemie dress, and it was so fun and gratifying to be making a special dress for your miracle baby girl. The whole time I was smocking, I just kept praying for Morgan Kate and asking God to help her grow and be strong. Take care and keep updating us through your wonderful blog.

Trenholm said...

Happy Belated Birthday Morgan Kate!! I absolutely LOVE her gorgeous party dress!! She looks beautiful in it! Glad to see that she is putting on the ozs! My prayers will be with her! Have a great day! Love you Both!

Anonymous said...

Happy 3 Week Birthday Precious!

It sounds like Morgan Kate is needing a little quiet time. It's hard work modeling pretty dresses & Gamecock outfits! I know you'll miss your kangaroo cuddle time, but hopefully the rest will help get some weight added so that you can go home & stay in that beautiful new room.
Kathy C.