Saturday, September 13, 2008

Unfortunately even with their newest and tiniest fan, the Gamecocks still couldn't pull it off. This was actually Morgan Kate's third USC football game. However, this was the first one she was able to "dress out" for. Her booties (aka "Knee-highs) were actually made for preemies (Thanks so much, Shellie!), but were still entirely too big. Mom and I still thought they were adorable and so did all of the nurses. We thought the precious hat (Handmade by Brandy - Thanks girl!) would be too big, but it actually was a little snug. Finding clothes for this little girl is going to be difficult! 

Travis stayed with Morgan Kate last night and they both had a good night. Trav was a little tired when he came home this morning, but he was able to nap quite a bit. Mom and I spent the morning organizing Morgan Kate's closet, while Travis put the last coat of paint on the walls. See picture below.
We spent the afternoon hanging out with Morgan Kate and cheering for the Gamecocks. She had a really good afternoon and I got to hold her for about an hour. Her feedings are now up to 8.9 cc and she is tolerating them very well. They will increase the feedings again at midnight (9.1 cc) and then hold her there until she gains some more weight. Her night nurse weighed her and she was still holding steady at 2lb. and 1 ounce. I am hoping and praying that we make 2.2 tomorrow. 

Morgan Kate will have another brain ultrasound on Tuesday. This is just a follow-up from the first brain ultrasound. The doctors like to re-check things a few weeks after the first. The results from her first ultrasound were great. The only thing they noticed were that her lateral ventricles were on the high side of normal. This isn't causing any problems, but they want to check again and see how things are. Please pray that things still look good!


Kelly Lee said...

Happy 3 Weeks!!! Too cute with her little (or big) socks and hat. Travis did an awesome job with the nursey. Hope ya'll had another good night and have a wonderful day. I'm thinking she'll gain an ounce for her 3 week birthday:) Love you, Kelly Jean

Anonymous said...

Happy three week birthday! Charles and I enjoyed meeting Morgan Kate last week. I keep up daily and enjoy it so much. Keep up the good progress. You are all in my prayers. Love, Miss Laurel

Anonymous said...

Happy 3 week birthday Morgan Kate! The new pictures you added are precious. Morgan Kate is beautiful. Love the Gamecock gear! I pray that the next brain scan will come back as good as the last one did. Love y'all!


Melissa and Sam said...

She's a cute gamecock baby! Love the booties! Her nursey is precious too! I'm looking forward to a good report about her next brain scan!
Love and Prayes,

Anonymous said...

I can not believe yall put that Gamecock stuff on that precious baby. Personally, I think she would look GREAT in orange!!! Happy 3 week birthday!!! I can't believe she has been here that long. We will pray for the weight gain and test. The nursery looks wonderful! I know it is exciting to be putting it all together. Today our message was on gratitude. I would like to share this verse with you, "The Lord is my strength and my shield, my heart trusts in him, and I am helped. My heart leaps for joy and I will give him thanks in song." Psalm 28:7

Monica said...

Three weeks already? My,my time does fly. Take my word on that one. She was just too precious with all of that Gamecock stuff on--too bad those Gamecocks couldn't make it happen.
The nursery is wonderful! When can you come work on my room Travis? We are thinking and praying for y'all daily. Much love,

Trenholm said...

She already knows the right team to pull for!! Love the gamecock attire! We need to start teaching her the fight song! Go Cocks!