Friday, September 12, 2008

Morgan Kate had another great day and I am feeling much better as well. It's tough work being a mommy, but with the help and support of awesome family and friends and a terrific hubbie I know I will make it. Tonight Trav is with Morgan Kate at the hospital. I worried a lot while pregnant with her and I let myself believe that that worry would go away the minute I saw her. (Ha, ha! We all know this is not true.) However, the minute I saw her the REAL worry set in. She has fabulous doctors and nurses, but of course you always believe that YOU will take much better care of your child then anyone else. It has been such a comfort to Travis and I that we can stay with her when we want to or when we feel like we need to. These past two nights have been nights where we needed to.

She did really well last night and today. The respiratory therapist has to come in every couple of hours (day and night) to suction her nose and mouth. The oxygen creates a lot of mucus and build up. Morgan Kate hates being suctioned and while it is happening we get to hear and see what great lungs she really does have. The first week of her life her cry was very faint, almost like a kitten crying. However, her cry has changed a lot and it is VERY loud now. It breaks my heart to hear her cry, but I absolutely love her little voice. Dr. Yajnik, one of the other great neonatologists, saw her today and called her "amazing". I definitely agree! 

They have increased her feedings by .2 cc's - she is currently up to 8.3. At midnight tonight she will be up to 8.5 cc's. She has done so well tolerating her feedings and I pray that this continues. 

Tonight she weighed in at 2lbs. and 1 ounce. She hasn't gained any more weight, but she is maintaining which is great. She typically gains an ounce and then hangs at that weight for about three days. According to my calculations she should gain another ounce by tomorrow night!


Kelly said...

You and Trav are such a fabulous team and that's why you have such an amazing daughter!! So glad her feedings are going so well and she's maintaining her weight and then gaining. And I can't wait to hear her lungs:) Hope the 3 of you have a great weekend! Did you get her a Gamecock hat yet for game day...although orange looks like it's going to be her color!:) Ha,Ha...that was just for giggles!! Love ya bunches, Kelly & Tommy

Anonymous said...

Heather, I assure you that the emotions you are feeling are perfectly normal! Remember, you just gave birth a few weeks ago and you're under some added stress. Hang in there!! You and Travis are WONDERFUL parents and I promise you that Morgan Kate already knows it too :). Lots of love, Hollie

Anonymous said...

We are soooo excited to hear about Morgan Kates many, many improvments.I love to read the blog and hear of her many, many advancements. We cannot wait to meet her!!!We love ya'll and hope to see you soon!!! Love, Liz and Preston

Anonymous said...

Mickey and Cindi Burleson preached at my church in Arkansas and Mickey married my husband and I. I get Cindi's daily devo's and your family is on the prayer list. I have been reading your blog everyday! I can't wait to get home and see how Morgan Kate is doing. My husband and I are expecting our first child the end of November. You and your family are a great inspiration and what a great story she will be able to tell! Your FAITH is AMAZING!! We are praying for you all! Remember that God does not give us more than we can handle.
Love from Arkansas, Julie
P.S. She is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hey Heather!
You know being a mom has it ups and downs. I wish that I could say that when she gets to a magical 8 pounds all your worries will go away. This morning as I prayed for Maggie and Morgan, I was overwhelmed with all I felt like I needed to pray for. God gives us what we need to get through each day. I love you!
Your Gamecocks gave the Bulldogs a run for their money today. That game is always a dilema for me! Aunt Terry