Saturday, September 6, 2008

Wow! Our baby girl has made it to 1lb and 15oz. I guess the increased feedings and added calories are paying off. Tomorrow is her 2 week birthday and she could very well hit 2lb. God is good!

Morgan Kate had several heart rate drops last night and earlier today. When she stops or pauses her breathing it's called apnea and when her heart rate drops because of this it's called bradycardia or "brady" for short. They call these two things the A and B of prematurity. Usually she is able to pull herself back up almost instantly. However, several of these "bradys" required stimulation - a back rub or a pinch on her foot. Dr. Yajnik, one of the other great neonatologists, said that if this continues then Morgan Kate will have to go back on the CPAP. She was on the CPAP the first night of her life, but has been off ever since. It's NOT the ventilator and doesn't work like one. It simply helps keep her lungs open, but does not breathe for her. It's bigger in size and a step up from the clear tube she has now. This is a great website for more information on the CPAP - 
Of course this wasn't what I wanted to hear because it seems like step backward, but if it's going to help her then I am all for it. I just pray that if she has to go back on the CPAP then it will be short and she will be off of it soon. It's a much larger tube and covers up her pretty little face. We did not kangaroo with her today because of all the bradys and because we did not want to tire her out. 

She is continuing to tolerate her increased feedings. Tonight she is up to 5.8 cc's. My prayer is that she continues to tolerate her feedings and that she will be off of all IV's soon. I also pray that I can keep up with her increased feedings. For several days she had quite a stock of my milk, however, with increased feeding times and volume the stock has started to diminish. 

Today Mom and Dad came up and are spending the night. It was such a blessing! Our house has been quite neglected over the past few weeks and Mom helped out tremendously - laundry, vacuuming, dusting, straightening, EVERYTHING. Dad ran errands and made trips to the grocery store for things we needed. Everyone has been so helpful and generous! We are forever grateful for all the support, help, encouragement and prayers. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Misty said...

I know it must be hard to make time to keep up this blog, but please keep it up because it helps me know exactly what to pray for. I read this today and thought of you...
"When a believing person prays, great things happen." James 5:16
Know that so many believers are praying for each one of you by name. love to you.

Anonymous said...

Heather, thank you for the updates. I look forward to reading them each day. It's great Morgan Kate is eating more and gaining weight. Praise the Lord! That will keep her strength up for the apnea and "bradys". I'm right around the corner, so let me know if you need anything done at home when your parents go back to Orangeburg. I'll be happy to help. Love you, Hollie

Ann Hamrick said...

It is Sunday morning! HAPPY TWO WEEK BIRTHDAY MORGAN KATE! You are doing so well! What a miraculous little fighter. Wait until you get to see all that the world has to enjoy! I hope that today brings joy and peace for you and your mama and daddy.

Kelly & Tommy said...

Happy 2 Weeks!! This is the first thing I do in the morning...Check Morgan Kate's blog. She's a tough little cookie and she'll get through the apnea and bradys. You guys are in our thoughts and prayers as always...stay stong and keep SMILING!!! Love you, Kelly & Tommy

Anonymous said...

Heather and Travis,
I am so glad to hear that Morgan Kate is picking up weight. It sounds like she is really a little fighter. We are checking the blog everyday and we rejoice with the good news that it brings. We will continue to keep y'all and your families in our prayers.
Wendy H

Corrisa said...

Heather and Travis,
Thank you for keeping us all updated with this amazing blog. We love reading it and looking at the beautiful pictures of Morgan Kate. Please know that we are praying for you all and passing on all of your amazing stories to others so they can pray for you too. There are many prayers being said in Connecticut for you all:)
We love you guys!
Happy 2 week birthday MORGAN KATE!
Chad and Corrisa

Anonymous said...

Heather and Travis,
I can't tell you what these updates mean to us all. For you to take the time out of a schedule that lacks any amazes me. Know that everyday you are not alone in your family's journey. Every reader of this blog wakes up each morning or goes to bed each night reading and sharing in your thoughts and emotions of the day. Morgan Kate is not just a miracle but an big inspiration from a little girl struggling to get home to the parent that love her and the family and friends that adore her! She continues to amaze us with each story and photo. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you.
Love you,
Raven and Koto

Anonymous said...

Hey Heather,

What a blessing! Morgan Kate is 2 weeks old! Take care of yourself and drink lots of fluids. I am so proud of your strength and courage. Remember Phillipians 4:13 and rely on Him daily for strengh. God is faithful to get us through each and every moment of every day. Much love, Aunt Terry

Monica said...

Happy Two Week Birthday-Morgan Kate!
It is good to hear that Morgan Kate has gained a little more weight--yea! I love the pictures. I notice that her eyes are open in one--she is beautiful! Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers daily. Much love to you all!

Wendy Stoudemire said...

Happy 2 week birthday Morgan Kate!! You are a beautiful girl...I bet you get that from you mommy.

I continue to keep you each in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks for taking the time to share the updates. We are all here for you. Hugs to you!!

Wendy S.

Jenny Garris said...

Happy 2 Week Birthday to Morgan Kate! What a great way to celebrate -- by gaining weight! Each ounce is a big step in the right direction. The many prayers being said for her and for all of you are being answered. You and Travis are so strong and determined---it's easy to see where Morgan Kate gets her fighting spirit! I will talk to you soon! Love, Jenny

Anonymous said...

I missed your updates over the weekend and am so excited to see all the precious new pictures and hear that Morgan Kate is doing so well! I pray for her (and all her family who loves her so much) every morning. Thank you for letting us all be involved throught your blog, and one day I know Morgan Kate's going to love reading this and looking at all these pictures.
Kathy Chaplin