Saturday, October 11, 2008

Blessings for 10.11.08

1. Morgan Kate is continuing to grow and weighed in tonight at three pounds and nine ounces! I cannot believe that she is already three and a half pounds. She is really filling out. She now has a tiny bit of "baby fat" and I LOVE it. It is absolutely adorable and I just want to kiss all over it. 

2. Morgan Kate is continuing to tolerate her feeds. She is still at 29ccs, but I am sure that with the weight gain those numbers will increase. Some of you may be wondering why tolerating her feeds is such a big deal. Many preemies have a very difficult time eating and digesting their food. We have been very blessed not to have encountered these problems. She must take after her momma!

3. Morgan Kate is still receiving about 45% oxygen on the bubble CPAP, but her flow/pressure of oxygen has been reduced from +5 to +4. The RT said that once she can get down to +3 they may take her off of the CPAP and put her back on the nasal cannula. Morgan Kate (and Travis and I) will be so ecstatic when that does happen. Morgan Kate HATES the CPAP and I am not exaggerating. This morning she was highly aggravated and the nurse was looking and searching for anything to calm her down. Thank you, Mrs. Phala and Mr. Lyn, for the little lamb that plays "Jesus Loves Me". Morgan Kate's nurse wound up the little lamb and left it in her bed. She fell fast asleep listening to the soft music. 

4. My mom was discharged this morning and is now at home with Nurse Dad. Ha, ha! I talked with her earlier and she was feeling some better. Of course she has done too much today - I am sure none of you can imagine my mom doing too much - and tonight she was hurting a good bit. Hopefully she will be able to get some rest and have a better day tomorrow.

Prayer Requests:
-Please pray that Morgan Kate's lungs will mature and breathing will become easier.
-Please continue to pray for her growth.
-Please pray for Morgan Kate's follow-up eye exam which will be sometime this week.
-Please pray for my mom's speedy recovery.


Anonymous said...

Hey Heather,

We are so glad your mom got to go home. We are praying for Morgan Kate's breathing. Feel a big hug from Macon, Georgia! We love you! Aunt Terry

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Four lbs. I am so excited and happy for her and for her parents. God is good indeed. I just finished my prayer time and that sweet baby girl is definitely part of it. Will continue with excitement as I watch her grow. Bobbie