Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Blessings for 10.14

1. Morgan Kate is continuing to grow and weighed in tonight at three pounds and twelve ounces. She has gained two pounds since birth!

2. Her oxygen levels have been much better today. Last night she stayed at 29% and today she stayed at 30% all day!

3. Morgan Kate had her eye exam this morning. She screamed the entire time, but the results were great. The doctor said everything looked great and that he will be back for the next check-up in two weeks. 

4. My mom is beginning to feel some better and is trying to walk around the house as much as possible. I know it won't be long before she is back up here visiting Morgan Kate!

5. I am so glad to see that our "Commenters" are back! I was beginning to get a little worried over the weekend - everyone must have been out of town for Columbus Day. Ha! :)


Kelly Lee said...

Or cruising...but ya'll were getting prayers all the way from the Bahamas. Such GREAT news about the weight gain, unbelievable! And glad to hear the O2 was down today and tonight:)And we all know she has the most beautiful eyes. I love how she is "filling" out in her pics...almost clothes time!!! So glad Kaky is doing better also, God is great! Love you guys, Kelly

Anonymous said...

Heather, I was glad to hear the wonderful news tonight! Know that the 3 of you are in our thoughts & prayers daily even if I don't comment. Been busy checking on Kaky.. Ya'll have really put me to the test these past 2 months! Hope to see you soon! Love ya!


Anonymous said...

What wonderful news on the weight and eye exam!! That little lady is the recipient of many prayers. We read the blog daily and Madison is really happy for you. Glad to know that your Mom is doing better. Please let us know if there is anything that you need to make this time easier on you.

Dale, Diane, Madison and Mary Garrett

Sherry Pyle said...

I am so happy Morgan Kate is doing so well!
I pray for her daily.
She is so beautiful.
I am Jeremy Pyle's Mom and so blessed to have Amanda as a daughtet-in-law.
So thankful the eye exaime is over and was good.
Take care while watching this blessing grow!!!

Anonymous said...

Heather and Travis,
You don't know me but, I am Caitlin's mom, Michelle. I didn't know how to leave a comment until you made your post last night. I have been following your blog every since Kyle told me. I am a faithful daily reader. Morgan Kate is beautiful and I am so pleased how well she has grown and progessed. God is so very Good! Also glad your mom is improving.
Michelle Felkel
Elloree, SC

Kara Corbett said...

Heather and Trav,
I read Morgan Kate's blog every morning when I get to work. What an inspiration you all have been! I'm so glad to read she is gaining weight every day! Please know that all of you are in my prayers! I hope your mom feels better soon!

Kara Corbett

Jenny Garris said...

Yea!! What fantastic news! Morgan Kate continues to do so well. I'm glad your mom is doing well also! I have been so impressed with all your medical knowledge and how well you have been able to explain it to us. I always knew you were a natural teacher! I can't wait to see Morgan Kate dressed up---how many monogrammed outfits are waiting for her? ha ha Hope to see you soon! Love, Jenny

Anonymous said...

Heather, Morgan Kate is growing so much, I love seeing her sweet face in the pictures.
I will be in Columbia this weekend moving Lissie up there, If it is ok, I might come see you.
I or Raven will call you.

Anonymous said...

Heather, Travis, and Morgan Kate

We keep a daily check on Morgan Kate between you blog and Aunt Rhonda, and Leigh Anne. You two are wonderful parents and have our prayers to keep everyone safe and strong. I've got Morgan Kate a goody gift that I bring to Orangeburg this weekend. Hopefully Leigh Anne will be able to stop by the hospital next week and deliver the gift.
We love you guys,
Aunt Resa

amanda pyle said...

so excited to hear that morgan kate is doing so well. prayers do work!!! we will continue to pray for morgan kate, you & travis, and your mom. please let us know if there is anything we can do:) we love you guys. give that sweet baby a kiss for me:)

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Morgan Kate is doing well...it'll be no time before her CPAPing days will be no more. Have left you a couple text/voicemail...If you want to get together sometime next week let me know.Glad to hear your mom is feeling better too. Take care.
Erin R

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to hear that things are going well! I am glad to hear that you got a good report from the doctor today! God is great! Continue to pray and have faith!
Wendy H.

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord for the great eye exam! We will continue to pray all the milestones are met. Morgan just won tickets to the preview party for High School Musical 3! He was too funny on the radio. I hope Morgan Kate has received her Halloween treat from us. We love you all! Aunt Terry

Anonymous said...

I haven't been able to check in lately and I am just amazed of Morgan Kate's progress! I am just delighted how she's doing! I am so proud of you two and I am so happy that your family is there to support you through this and keep you strong. Prayers are going up! Thanks for the updates!
Love to all!
Kim, Joey and Royce Pieper

Anonymous said...

Dear Heather,
I have prayed for Morgan Kate since the day she was born. I believe she is your bundle of joy miracle. I can't imagine how hard the CPAP machine must be, but it is there for a purpose and I pray each day it supplies more oxygen for little body and strengthens her tiny lungs. It is so hard to be have patience. I also continue to pray for Mrs. Kathy because I know the separation from you and Morgan Kate must be agonizing. God Speed!
Michelle F.