Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Morgan Kate began the day with a chest xray that showed either A)she has a little fluid on her lungs or B)she has some collapsible air sacs. Her lungs appeared "hazy" and that could be either the fluid or the air sacs. They increased her oxygen some which will help with A and/or B. They also gave her one round of lasix (the diuretic drug) to help her get rid of A if it is indeed fluid. The lasix will cause her to urinate more frequently, therefore, losing "fluid weight". Tonight she did lose an ounce and weighed in at 2 pounds and 13 ounces, but we know this is temporary and that it's only fluid weight, not weight loss because of calorie burning. They will continue to monitor this. We pray that this one round of lasix did the trick. Dr. E told us that we are very fortunate and comparatively speaking she is doing quite well for her age. I often times forget that she is still supposed to be in the womb and not breathing. When I stop and think of that I am amazed at the fact that she is breathing and doing it all on her own. What a strong little girl!

She is still doing a great job with her feeds. Morgan Kate is currently up to 28ccs for thirty minutes every three hours. She is getting almost an ounce at every feeding! 

Please continue to pray that her lungs will heal and that she will be gaining weight in no time at all. 


Anonymous said...

Hey Heather!

We will be praying for Morgan Kate's lungs. We are also praying for your mom. I think we need a girls' get away as soon as MK is ready to travel! Take care and know we love you! Aunt Terry

Hollie Heming said...

Heather, I will continue to pray for Morgan Kate's lungs. I so much enjoyed our visit yesterday. It did my heart good to see you holding your baby girl. I'll come back soon. Call me when you need a lunch buddy :). Love you! Hollie

Anonymous said...

I am thinking about you every day and praying that you will soon be home with your sweet baby girl.
Take care -

Anonymous said...

We will continue to pray! Be strong and keep your head up! Have comfort in knowing that God will take care of and provide for Morgan Kate and her needs.
Wendy, Todd and Hunter