Saturday, October 18, 2008

Today I got to hold Morgan Kate for almost two hours and it was heavenly! She is getting so big and is so alert at times. I love just looking at her and watching all her little moves and listening to all the sounds she makes. She has that wonderful baby smell that I just can't get enough of. I just want to sit and hold her for hours.

1. Morgan Kate's oxygen ranged from 24% - 33% for most of the day. At one time she was up to 39%, but it wasn't for long and I think it was because of her position. She was also reduced from +6 to +5. Please pray that she will continue to do well on +5.

2. Morgan Kate is continuing to tolerate her feeds.

3. Morgan Kate weighed in at four pounds and four ounces. I'm not sure how accurate this is. Sometimes she is weighed with the CPAP off and other nights she is weighed with the CPAP on. Last night it was off and she was four pounds and one ounce. So...I think she is probably more like four pounds and two ounces. Please continue to pray for her growth.


Anonymous said...

4 POUNDS! YAY Morgan Kate! This is the answer to many prayers...many more are coming your way, too! Love y'all and we're so happy to hear the progress Morgan Kate continues to make.


Anonymous said...

I love the new pictures! You can really tell how much bigger she is now from the new pictures. I especially love the picture where her tongue is sticking out. :) Her progress is joyful news!
Wendy H.

charlotte said...

Morgan Kate has gotten so big! She is to cute. I am praying for you daily. I hope your mom is doing well. I am sure she is missing Morgan Kate. I look forward to reading the blog daily!