Friday, October 17, 2008

Today was such a good day for Morgan Kate! Therefore, being a good day for Mommy and Daddy as well.

Oxygen wise, Morgan Kate ranged from 24%  - 33%. I was so excited about the 24%! Hopefully this will continue. I got to hold her for about an hour today and her oxygen needs increased from 24% to 27%. It wasn't a huge increase, but I was a little disappointed because I don't want to do anything to stress her out or hinder her progress. 

Tonight when Travis and I went for our "night time" visit Morgan Kate was very alert. She was looking around and moving her arms and legs. She also got a bath and we were able to help. She wasn't thrilled about the bath, but looked so nice and clean afterward. She didn't have any wires or "equipment" on and we were able to see her beautiful little face. I must admit - she looks just like Travis! Her poor little nostrils are so wide and stretched out because of the CPAP (you will notice this in one of pictures on the new slideshow). It looks painful and I am sure it probably really is, but they will go back down once she is off of the CPAP.

She is continuing to tolerate her increased feeds and tonight she weighed in at four pounds and one ounce. God is so good! I can't get over that she is already four pounds. Hopefully as she gets bigger and older her lungs will improve as well. Be sure to check out the two pictures below, as well as the new slideshow to the right. In the first picture below Morgan Kate was three weeks old and the second picture is from tonight. Wow! What a big difference!

We are thankful:
-that God has been so good!
-that Morgan Kate continues to grow so well.
-that Morgan Kate's oxygen needs have decreased some.
-that Morgan Kate continues to tolerate her feeds.
-that we have such wonderful family and friends.
-for all your thoughts, prayers and words of support and encouragement. 

Prayer Requests:
-Morgan Kate's growth
-Morgan Kate's oxygen needs
-Please pray that Morgan Kate's time on the CPAP will be short. 


Jennifer said...

You're absolutley right! God is SO good! We're so proud of Morgan Kate! WTG big girl!!!! Hope Mommy and Daddy are doing good too! We miss you and love you all! Hugs and prayers! Jennifer & Geoff

Kelly Lee said...

Oh my...she is beautiful!!! And has filled out so much. I love it! Hope the 3 of you have a great weekend and her O2 gets better every day. You're always in our prayers. Give her a BIG kiss from me! With love, Kelly Jean

Hollie Heming said...

Wow! She's growing so fast! God is taking such good care of her. He has blessed you so much through all of this. It's so exciting to think that with every ounce gained, He is getting her one step closer to going home. I know that will be a WONDERFUL day. Love you and miss you. Tell Morgan Kate that Will says "What's up, cutie! Can't wait to meet you" :)

Anonymous said...

I can barely see the screen through the tears! Of course they are tears of saddness but mostly tears of joy. I miss seeing MK so much but I am so excited about her progress and the continued strength of you and Travis. You are both awesome and I pray that God will continue to hold your hands through this journey. Lean on Him and until I can get back there, keep telling MK how much I miss her and love her. Kaky

Thanks so much to the blggeers for their prayers and wel wishes for me. Love to all!

Sherry Pyle said...

You are both so amazing! What great parents you are.
Morgan kate is so beautiful! I noticed she has some hair!
God has blessed her so much and we continue to pray for all of you.
Your right God is really awesome!!!
Four Pounds!!!
I am blessed with two Grandchildren the youngest being a girl.
You will have so much fun with this little one!!!!
Take care of yourselves.
Morgan kate sure has a fab club!!!

Melissa and Sam said...

She's so cute!! Love how much she's grown. My favorite picture would be of her with her tongue sticking out- how adorable!! You're right- God is good!!
Love and Prayers,

Sarah said...

YAY!!! She getting to be a cubby lil monkey!! We talked to Raven this morning and she said that MK had hit 4 lbs, so I had to see for myself and leave you a little note. We love you all and hope to see you soon! Hugs and kisses to all of you! Sarah Maier

Anonymous said...

Heather, I cannot believe how much Morgan Kate is growing -- she has come so far in 8 weeks! Kaky & I were talking this week about all of the events of the past 2 months, it wears me out to think about them. God has been so could & gotten us thru them all and will continue to do so if we ask Him. Give Morgan Kate a kiss for me & I'll see you soon.