Thursday, October 16, 2008

Today Morgan Kate had a pretty good day! Her oxygen ranged anywhere from 27% - 34%, but mostly around 27%  - or at least while I was there. They have increased the pressure of the CPAP from +5 to +6 and it seems to be working. I pray that this continues and that Morgan Kate is off of the CPAP in no time. She absolutely hates the CPAP! She puts up quite a fight! Last night she was giving the CPAP a fit and even pulled it off of her face several times. They decided to take her off of the CPAP and try the nasal cannula again. She did okay for about an hour and then they had to go back to the CPAP because she was breathing entirely too fast and working too hard. I am happy that they tried, but a little sad that it didn't work. However, I know that with age her lungs will mature more and eventually she will go back to the cannula.

She is tolerating her increased feeds very well. They are continuing to pay off as she weighed in tonight at three pounds and fifteen ounces. Yep! One ounce shy of four pounds. I still can't believe that the tiny little girl that once weighed 1 pound and 12 ounces is almost four pounds!!! Now I know that I mentioned earlier than once she hit four pounds she could wear clothes and sleep in a crib rather than the incubator. However, as long as she is on the CPAP she will stay in the incubator and clothes are probably out as well. I think it depends on how easy they are to get on and off. 

Please continue to pray for her growth and continue to pray that her lungs will mature. 

*Tomorrow I will try to post some new pictures! I'll show you what a four pounder looks like. Ha!


Anonymous said...

WOW! Almost 4 pounds! That is incredible...Morgan Kate is such a trooper. So are her mommy and daddy! Your family's strength continues to amaze and inspire many. Love you!


Anonymous said...

Go Big Girl!!! She is truly amazing! We will still continue to pray for Morgan Kate and "Miss" Kathy! Love you both!

Trenholm and "Miss" Marie

Anonymous said...

Way to grow Morgan Kate! It sounds like you're working very hard to get big and get home. Kaky looks wonderful and is working hard to get back to Columbia to see you. You are all doing great, and I will continue to pray for everyone until all is well.
Kathy C.

Anonymous said...

Things are looking great!! It is hard to be patient but you will develop alot now that you have a little one. she is still so small yet has grown tremendously, those little lungs just need a little more help. I know you were more than delighted to hold her again and see the calming effect when you do. have a great week-end. tell mom hello!!

Linda McDougal

Sherry Pyle said...

It is amazing how much little babies can react to what they don't like.
Good for her at least it seems she has a fighting spirit!!
Us girls need to be stong!!
Can't wait to see her pictures.
Gpd Bless!