Friday, January 9, 2009

Reduce the amount of oxygen. Start inhaled steroid. Gain weight. These were some of our orders after today's visit with Dr. B.

Today we had our first appointment with Dr. B, the pulmonologist. My dad came over early this morning to help me with Morgan Kate and all of her "luggage". We arrived early to fill out paperwork and all of that good stuff. I left Daddy and Morgan Kate in the car while I went to sign in. We have been told time and time again not to expose Morgan Kate to other people, especially children. Therefore, I thought it would be best to keep her in the car and bring her in once they were ready. This has been the "protocol" for all of her other appointments. Well, apparently the "nice" lady I spoke with wasn't familiar with our "protocol" and didn't really care either. Here is a snippet of our conversation:

Me: Good morning. I am here for my daughter's appointment. She is a preemie and has chronic lung disease and we aren't supposed to expose her to others. So, would it be okay for us to sit in the car and you call us when you are ready?

"Nice " Lady: Ma'am, everyone here is a preemie and here for the same reason. So can you just bring her in and wait like everyone else.

Whoah! Did she really just say that? At this moment I am in a state of shock. I am blown away by how rude and insensitive this lady has just been. I walk out of the office on the verge of tears and trembling like a leaf because I am now really angry. I'm angry because this is my daughter. My daughter that was born way too early. My daughter that has spent the first four months of her life fighting and trying to stay healthy. My daughter that I have been able to keep "illness free" for the first month we have been home. My daughter that I will do anything for even if it makes other people uncomfortable. I go to the car, get Daddy and Morgan Kate and head back to the office. I walk inside, approach the window and then my "Momma bear claws" come out. Here is the last snippet:

Me: (As I am handing over my paperwork) Ma'am I realize that there are a lot of premature babies here. However, I need you to realize that my daughter just came home a few weeks ago and we just spent four months in the hospital and I don't really intend on going back. So could you please get us a in a room as soon as possible. Thank you.

Five minutes later we had a room. And I felt empowered. 

Other than that small moment in time our appointment went very well. I loved Dr. B. He was great and he was so knowledgeable. He thought that Morgan Kate looked good and was pleased with the amount of oxygen she was on. He told us that we could turn her down some. We are now on the very last setting we have on the oxygen tank. 1/64th of a liter is as low as you can go and we are there. We will try this for a few weeks, then work on taking her off of the oxygen during the day and then if all works out we will take her off completely. He has also prescribed an inhaled steroid for her, much like a breathing treatment. It is to help with any inflammation in the lungs. The only thing he was a little concerned with was her weight. Often times babies with lung issues or those that require oxygen grow a little slower because they are working so hard. We are going to return in two weeks for a weight check and to see how the steroid is working. Morgan Kate also got her synagis injection and is due for her next one in early February. 

We have given her two treatments tonight and turned down her oxygen. So far, so good. All of her numbers look great and she is sleepy peacefully. While she is sleeping I think I will too...


Jenny Garris said...

You go, Momma Bear!! Good for you, and I'm glad to hear how well she is doing. Obviously your fighting spirit is alive and well in both of the Callahan girls! :)

Deni said...

Way to stick up for your daughter! You are her parent and you know will always know what's best for her. Although, I seriously can not get over the rudeness of the lady. I mean you would think that she would realize that all of these preemies and their parents are sensitive. I am still that way even after 7 months!

Glad to see her making such great progress. Parker and I prayed for his friend Morgan Kate tonight. (well we do every night, but tonight was MK night.) We have a list of specific babies we pray for by name (as many as we can) and we go through them. We always pray over the list and our preemie friends/special friends, but each night I have designated to talking about that baby specifically to Parker and how they are special. :)

Anonymous said...

Way to go Momma!!!!!!How insensitive and rude she was. It is people like this lady who do not need to be in the health profession. So glad for the wonderful report. Morgan Kate is strong just like her Mommy and Daddy. We are very protective of our children and should be afterall we are all they have to anticipate their needs and wants. I am so glad G-daddy was able to help you. We will continue to pray for her weight to increase. We love you, Travis and Morgan Kate. Until we see you again.


Aunt Jan

Terry Sowell said...

Just out of curosity...did your neck start blotching red like your mom's :)? I have a friend who says the lioness in us comes out. For me it also works as a great weight loss program. When I am worried about my children, I can not eat. I am thrilled with report. Morgan Kate is making so many accomplishments! I love your blog. You have done such a good job, and you are so creative. Enjoy having Kaky there! We love you! Aunt Terry

Hollie Heming said...

Go Heather! I'm proud of you. I think the "nice" lady will remember you :). So glad to hear such progress. I will continue to pray for all of you. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Don't you hate rude people? You go girl! Glad to hear Morgan Kate's appt went well. I hope the decreased oxygen and steroids do well for Morgan Kate. Have a great weekend! Love y'all!


THE SPIVEY"S said...

It is amazing what you will do for your child. You go girl, tell her what is up and take no crap...ha. I am glad to see things are going well.

Katiebeth said...

You go Mama!!!! Proud of you- keeping up with you guys religiously! Give Morgan Kate a kiss for me ;)

KatieBeth- NICU