Thursday, January 8, 2009

Still no OG. However, no weight gain. Matter of fact we have lost weight - two ounces to be exact. Right now we are at eight pounds and ten ounces. Some of you may be thinking, "Two ounces, is Heather really concerned about two ounces?" Well, yes. Heather is concerned about two ounces. In the NICU world and in "preemie land" ounces mean a lot. We live off of ounces. Ounces are huge. 

The plan right now is to change the water to formula ratio we are currently using. This will create more calories and hopefully create some weight gain. Currently, Morgan Kate is only taking two ounces at each feeding and we struggle to get that in. We are going to start making up her bottles with a little extra food to see if she will take more. Maybe there will be that one feeding where she is feeling extra froggy and wanting a little more. Hopefully all of this will do the trick. If things don't start progressing then we may have to go back to using the OG.

We are also going to really start working on some sort of schedule. We have her on a feeding schedule, but that's about it. She continues to confuse her days and nights. Last night she was wide awake until around 4am and she was not happy at all. Needless to say, Mommy was extremely tired today. I am anxious to work on a schedule, but still not sure how you keep a baby awake during the day when all they want to do is sleep. Any suggestions?  

We are heading to the pulmonologist first thing in the morning. We have a consultation and Morgan Kate will get her synagis injection. I'll keep you all posted. 


Terry Sowell said...

You will get there with the schedule. Keep in mind that she is currently like a newborn, and it will take time. You have heard a lot of that in the last few months I am sure. We are praising God for each and everyone of Morgan Kate's accomplishments. Love you! Aunt Terry

Hollie Heming said...

BABYWISE is a book I read and it helped with the scheduling. I'll drop it by your house this weekend!The suggestions are somewhat rigid, but adapt it to your needs. That's what I did and it does work if you stick to it. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Do not be discouraged. It will all fall into place. Praise God for all of your accomplishments. Travis too and especially Morgan Kate's accomplishments. You all have come along way since
August 24,2008 and accompished great things. And for you, Heather it has been more stressful but I praise God for your wonderful Husband because I am sure it has been stressful for him as well, but the two of you are strong individuals and together you and Travis are POWERFUL, so I know that Morgan Kate is strong and she feeds off of yours and Travis' strength and Love. I pray daily that our AWESOME God gives you, Travis and Morgan Kate supernatural strength and an anointing that you all know that Our Heanvenly Father is there with you each day you face the challenges of the day just as you and Travis are there for Morgan Kate as she faces her challenges of the day. Schedules will come. I pray that Morgan Kate will be able to be taken off of her O2. It sounds like she is getting there and OG feeds as well. Our Heavenly Father wants us to be able to come to Him like Morgan Kate depends on You and Travis and will come to you guys as she grows up, as you and Travis are cultivating your relationship with Morgan Kate. I am so glad God never sleeps so we can talk to Him anytime. I pray that Our Heavenly Father's Love flows supernaturally to you, Travis and Morgan Kate and you will feel it now more than ever,just like yours and Travis' Love flows to Morgan Kate. We send our Love, Hugs and Kisses until we see you again.

Love Aunt Jan and MaMa

Anonymous said...

Hopefully she just had an extra poop or two and that made her drop weight on the scale! If that is the case you may see a great increase by the next time she is weighed. Weight fluctuates so much during a day that it can be challenging to really know what is what. I will pray she puts on more weight soon! (This will be the only time in her life she will be wishing for this! LOL)

Deni said...

Ah yes, the ounces...I feel ya there. If you don't have a preemie, it seems miniscule, but it's a big deal! Even I, 7 months later worry. We actually have to mix Parker's formula differently. He is on Neosure and gets 5 spoonfuls and 8ozs water....on the side of the can, I think its like 3 to 8, so his is thick and rich.

you guys are doing great....I am proud of you! It's quite the transition to bring them home, but I swear they thrive at home!


celeste shelley said...

This will work itself out .... but I know you can't help but worry about it. I'm sending up extra prayers for a terrific appetite for Morgan Kate. I think of y'all often.

Kelly Lee said...

I've got the answer....I'll give her some of my extra weight:) (Ha,Ha) I'm praying that the bottle feedings will continue and she'll get on a schedule that is the best for the 3 of you. You and Trav are doing such a wonderful job, wish we could come babysit so you so you could take a nap:) Hope her appointment today went well, can't wait to hear. Enjoy the time with your parents and tell Trav and MK hello for me. Love you bunches, Kelly

Kelly Lee said...

LOVE the new design on the blog and the pictures are PRECIOUS!!!!! Wow, she is just too cute and those cheeks...I know you just can't get enough of her!!! Love ya:)

Justin and Jessica Jones said...

It was great to see you on Friday. Morgan Kate really is making such progress. I am amazed. She has a wonderful mommy and daddy. Don't stress about the sleep patterns...the good news is that you are able to focus on her right now and not stress about school too. I know it can be very exhausting at times, but it will come. Hope to see you again soon.
Love you,