Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Still no OG. Oh happy, happy day. I was a little afraid, okay very afraid, that I might have to use it last night. When I tried feeding her at 1am she was sound asleep and wouldn't wake up for anything. Now, I was always taught that you don't wake a sleeping baby, but I know she's a little different and that she has to eat in order to keep growing. After much stimulation she finally gave in and took the bottle and I didn't have to use the OG. Heavenly, simply heavenly. 

We were supposed to go today and receive the results of the apnea monitor, but all appointments were canceled this morning around 8:30. Apparently something went haywire with the computers and the information could not be retrieved. They are going to reschedule as soon as possible. My daddy came over this morning to help me get her to the appointment. I am still trying to learn how to get baby, oxygen, pulse ox, apnea monitor, purse, and diaper bag all at the same time. It's not really an appointment for, but I couldn't leave her at home. So my wonderful daddy offered to sit with her in the car while I went in. I was sad that he had to drive all the way over and we didn't end up having the appointment. However, I was thrilled because he got to visit with her for a little while and he also got to watch her take a bottle. 

Take a glance at the picture below and tell me what you notice (other than the poor quality of the picture, my good camera battery was dead and I had to use my old camera).

So, did you notice? Just in case you didn't I will spill the beans. Morgan Kate is not wearing her cannula. That's right. When I first saw her without it it was like looking at someone who you always see with glasses on and then they take them off. When Travis got home he didn't even notice. That's just how accustomed we have grown to the cannula - we don't even see it. Now, this is nothing permanent. I was changing the "dots" on her face this afternoon and I decided to just see how she would do without the cannula. We were in the room, very near to the oxygen tank if needed and for a little over an hour she did great. She did not have any sat drops. After about an hour I decided or reminded myself that I am not in the medical profession and that I should probably put the cannula back on my baby and let the doctors handle that. However, I was very pleasantly surprised to see her do so well and I will be sharing this info with the pulmonolgist on Friday. She is amazing! 

These last two pictures are more examples of growth. Notice the dots in picture one and notice the dots in picture two. Wow! Same exact dots, just much bigger baby. 


Heather and Travis said...

heather - you do an awesome job with this blog...i love reading it...


yo husband...

Wendy S said...

Beautiful pictures and wonderful news!!! We are so happy to hear of the continued good days (and nights).

Wendy S.

amanda pyle said...

Morgan Kate - You continue to amaze me! You are such an inspiration to all of us. We love you and can't wait to see you again...even if it is through the window.
Heather & Travis - I am so happy that the bottle feeding is going to so well. God is great! Keep up the great work being mommy & daddy!!!


Terry Sowell said...

Wow! So proud of all the progress!!! My sweet friend Jane prayed with me this morning for you guys. Feel lots of hugs and kisses from Macon. Love, Aunt Terry

Anonymous said...

yay! thats so good to hear! i cant believe how much she has grown! and she is so precious as always! :)

happy wednesday :)
love, maggie

Megan Thiel said...

It sounds like Morgan Kate is doing really well! You left a post on our blog last week ( and I spent several hours the next day reading all of your posts. Morgan Kate is a fighter and I can tell you and your husband are truly fantastic parents. I sent you a pretty long email on Friday about our feeding struggles with Kayley and things we have found helpful (such as the Dr. Brown's bottles). Did you get it?

I think you can get the wee soothies on the following website:
If that link doesn't work, you can just go to and it is pretty easy to find the pacifiers.

I'd love to hear from you so we can hopefully help each other with our preemie daughters' feeding struggles!

Anonymous said...

Hey Heather and Travis,
I am glad to see that she is doing so well. She is growing like a weed. You guys are doing a wonderful job!!!! Travis is right, you do an amazing job with the blog. Everyone at the NICU loves to catch up on how she is doing and seeing new pictures. It's really good to hear that she hasn't OG feed in such a long time, I pray that it stays that way. Keep up the good work and I will continue to pray that all goes well.
With love,
Kimberly Carey (PHB NICU)

Anonymous said...

AWESOME!!!!I am so thankful of how our miracle baby has grown. Morgan Kate could not have done it without her AWESOME parents. She may not need to have her O2 anymore nor her OG feeding. That just shows how well you and Travis are doing with her care. Morgan Kate is growing because of her loving parents and her Heavenly Father. I know at times it seems difficult but look how far Morgan Kate, you and Travis have come since August 24th.Heather you are stronger than what you may think. Travis too! So glad Gdaddy was able to spend time with her I know he enjoyed that very much. I agree with Travis you do an AWESOME job with this blog I too love reading it. I check it everyday and sometime more. We love all of you. Until we see you again.


Aunt Jan and MaMa

P. S. If you and Travis have time. Send me an email
Love ya

Anonymous said...

woo hoo! glad to hear and see the progress! I know you guys are excited! Just wanted to let you know that I am addicted to your blog and kayleigh's!!! I love technology! Keep the good news coming! Love you! Julie

Anonymous said...

Oh, how sweet the news is each day of Morgan Kate's progress!! She is a beautiful baby with wonderful parents and grandparents. G'Daddy was most definitely on cloud 9 or above just getting to spend time with his little granddaughter! We love ya'll and wish all of you the very best. God Bless, Lyn & Phala & Family

Jenny Garris said...

Hey Heather-- MK is growing so fast and looks absolutely gorgeous!! I have a set of 4 Dr. Brown 4 oz. bottles with level 1 nipples that I never used (the package has never been opened) that I would love to give you if you would use them. I am so glad to hear you are finding things that work--figuring babies out can be tough! :) Email me if you can use the bottles-- ---and I will get them to you! I think about you and pray for you every day! :) Jenny

Newman Family said...

Hi Heather! I saw your post on my message board. I have been following your blog too after seeing it on Kayleigh's website. It sounds like Morgan Kate has been doing great with the bottles. That is such good news. It is nice to read the blogs of other people in the same situation as you.

Deni said...

YAY go Morgan Kate! She is getting so big! And beautiful...I should parker this blog and a picture, he loved it, he's smitten!

Anonymous said...

YAY! I love seeing that little face with no tubes! You're gettin' there. Great news about the bottles too - and the smiles. I'm sure she's just reflecting all the smiles that are on yall's faces when you're looking at her.
Kathy C.

Devon said...

aw, she's beautiful. you are doing an awesome job!